Name the most disappointing MLB team of the year:

  • Keith Hernandez - 9 years ago


  • Kyle - 9 years ago

    Indians best team in baseball up 22 games on second place in division to third place in division. sitting at .500

  • root - 9 years ago

    Injuries, mistakes, not living up to expectations. How could anybody not choose the Twins. Last year they had something like the 2nd or 3rd best record in baseball. Even in a weak division we should not be 22 games back. Fire Bill Smith!

  • Shaun - 9 years ago

    I agree the Giants have had a good team this year, and being World Champs and not even being a wild card is upsetting, at least we don't have to worry about them (or any team for that matter) this year, because as a long time phillies fan, we got this!

  • sisko - 9 years ago

    pirates.... they were in first place half way through the season and now will finish under .500... could blame injuries but they played well without those guys and went on a long losing streak AFTER improving at the deadline... might not have had the expectations from the beginning of the year but it was one of the worst collapses i've seen, had that 10 game losing streak been in the last couple of weeks it would be right up there with the mets collapses... pretty freaking disappointing to go from first to 11 games under .500 after trading for veterans and getting healthy in august and september.

  • Knoxfire30 - 9 years ago

    1a Giants

    1b whitesox

    not sure why the twins are running away with this thing, they have had more injuries then most mathmeticians can count... to me that isnt disapointing thats just bad luck, whitesox have had dunn and rios healthy the whole year and those guys have burried that team

  • Hardcore Yankee Fan - 9 years ago

    This poll is ridiculous. How are the Giants not an option??? From being World Series champs to not making the playoffs is "most disappointing."

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