Which of the following courier services do you prefer to use?


  • KL - 10 years ago

    Sent admission documents via FedEx 4 times, under the student offer. Costed only Rs. 990 per package and was delivered within 2 days. It included free pickup of the package. Also, there was a money-back guarantee in case it is not delivered within 2 days. I got a refund for 1 package as it got delivered in 3 days.
    Customer Service was good, and booking a pickup was easy.
    Tracking is quite realtime and accurate.
    A very good experience overall. Highly recommended.

  • Subz - 10 years ago

    Sent via TNT. Used them for 3 colleges in USA and 2 colleges in Singapore. Never had a problem.

  • Zeeshan - 10 years ago

    Sent my application through TNT.
    Awesome customer service and delivery.
    My college is located in a little remote area and they were very prompt to pick up my courier from doorstep.
    Though DHL is better but considering the price I would always prefer for TNT.
    TNT is great!!!

  • LJ - 11 years ago

    Used TNT+Edulix offer, packet reached WES in 3 days including sunday sent from Mumbai. FOR 951/-
    Totally satified

  • DHL AGENT - 11 years ago

    East or West DHL is the BEST.

  • Thiru - 11 years ago


    If I need to send documents to ASU through Speed post, which address should I send it to? The website has 2 addresses mentioned: one for US Postal (with a PO box) and one for courier services like DHL/FedEx/UPS(Without a PO box). Please tell me which one I should send it to.

  • sanket - 12 years ago

    i dont prefer any courier service.i would rather send by postal service.

  • day_dreams - 12 years ago

    DHL is surprise! Because due to heavy competition by Fedex and UPS, DHL has stopped operations in USA.
    in USA Fedex and more than that UPS provide the best service.
    If I were applying, I would sent my packets by Fedex considering there heavy present in both USA and India.

  • JT_daniel - 12 years ago

    Wow, that's impressive. In spite of the Edulix-TNT offer, DHL is still the most preferred option!

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