In an ideal world, how much of Karofsky would you want to see on Season 3 of 'Glee'?

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Poll posted 8 years ago.


  • To Stephen - 8 years ago

    And so it's the Klaine fandom that have cheated on tons of online polls.
    Anyway, you can't cheat on this poll. Check yourself.

  • Stephen - 8 years ago

    Pirate pride only means you all organized a voting storm, not that the poll is representative of the entire fandom. Just saying!

  • RaeLynne - 8 years ago

    Pirate Pride!

  • James - 8 years ago

    I love Kurt and Blaine's relationship, but if Dave comes back I'd like to see a friendship between the three of them. :)

  • anon - 8 years ago

    Depends on your definition of accurate. :) An online poll doesn't necessarily reflect the general consensus - it's just one poll. Can't we all just get along and enjoy the amazing new songs for the new episode instead of focusing so many emotions on one guest star?

  • to Lisa - 8 years ago

    They can try to cheat as much as they want, but it's not possible, neither with multiple browsers!
    So, again, the poll is accurate.

  • Lisa - 8 years ago

    Actually, cheating is possible - I saw a post on tumblr with instructions on how to download multiple web browsers so that group of shippers could vote more times a day. Pretty sad. I'd like to see an eventual friendship between them, but NEVER a romantic relationship. Neither Dave or Kurt seem interested, so I'm not sure why everyone is trying to force it. Oh well. At least an online poll isn't going to change anything!

  • to Someone - 8 years ago

    Don't worry, Someone... looks like cheating is quite impossibile on this poll, so the results are accurate! No need to worry.

  • @shy - 8 years ago

    I am happy to see that you are not letting the rabid fans and shippers distract you from loving the show. Glee has a message hidden inside of it, and the true beauty of it is the fact that each character represents something different to everyone and it touches something inside of everyone of us.
    Love it or hate it, it strikes a human cord in many ways. Sometimes as subtle as a gentle whisper or as obvious as a "bitch slap of ice" Glee gets its point across. I can empathise with your reasons for feeling about not wanting a Kurtofsky romantic relationship; however I hope the writers do eventually go there, but, I truly want for the characters what is for the best for everyone involved. I honestly do not know what that should be. However I do agree with you about the scary shippers that take their obcession for a character a bit too far.
    O_-0 that freaks me out too.
    In regards to the poll. Well, I for one am glad it is here; this waiting for the season to start is driving me nutty, and perhaps this tension is what is flaming the fan shipwar fires as well.
    However, Max himself agrees with you. I read in an interview that he is more hoping that Dave learns to accept and love himself before he can even begain to think about someone else.
    While I was sad to read this, (thinking about poor Dave and the way prom ended, I even cried...) I again had to marvel at the insite Max has concerning his character, the show and the people that his character is moving to change their world and the world around them.
    I agree with you that people have been missing the message. I wish you well, and I will be thinking of you and your family when I watch Glee this next week. Hugs,
    ps, To whomever else is reading this: Vote, or cheat, or do whatever makes you happy; the bottom line is this; Love him or hate him, Dave Karofsky is here to stay...

  • Someone who, yes, does care. - 8 years ago

    Oh, I'll still watch the show. I love Glee and always have. What I don't love is how petty the fandom can be with in-fighting and arguments and hate. I just felt the need to post, because the "rallying of the troops" that I've seen on tumblr is just disheartening. Most people I know have voted on the "good friends" option.

    I don't condone hating on any of the characters (in addition to Karofsky, Blaine and others get a lot of the same treatment - I've seen people tell other people to kill themselves for liking a character or shipping a ship. O_O)

    I think Dave serves a purpose on the show, and I would like to see him work towards eventually coming out towards the end of season 3. I totally accept his apology, but I cannot support a romantic relationship with him and Kurt (for my own reasons, as a fellow person who was bullied mercilessly in school for my sexual orientation). I don't think Dave'll be ready for a relationship for a *long* time, and when he is, it might be best for him to go for someone who doesn't know all his dirty secrets and past transgressions. It would be refreshing for him to have a blank page. That being said, I don't think he's the only person on the show who helps people. My adopted brother's absolute hero is Blaine. He and Kurt have also helped countless people, just in a different way. This doesn't make them better or worse. All the characters serve a purpose.

    On the bright side, a poll isn't going to change the course of the show. It just won't. The creators are stubborn and smart, the writers know where they going with the plot, and the fans' ONLY job is to sit back and watch. Hate won't get anyone anywhere, and I know it comes from all sides. I just wish people would stop missing the message of the show, because such constant, senseless bashing on different characters is definitely not in the spirit of Glee.

  • @shy - 8 years ago

    If you really were someone who cares,

    you would understand that despite the alledged cheating of the polls (from BOTH ships and sides) people really need to read what has been written on the main poll/blog to get the full idea of just how hateful and cruel and one-sided some people can be when it comes to one show, one character, and the one young man that is potraying said character to the best of his ability. Triggers aside, there is such a thing as a remote control. Also, when the fans start to run the show, where then is the surprise factor that Glee is so famous for? All ships and all sides need to just chill and let RIB and the 6 do their thing.
    Too much "he said, or did not say", and WAY too much bias is going on.
    To grasp the full idea of this situation, people need to read it for themselves and then decide what they feel is right for them about this GLEE character, David Karofsky and about this young man playing him, named Max Adler .
    Believe it or not, this one show, one character, and one young man are truly globaly changing ideals, stereotypes, and all over ethnocentric views.
    On the other hand, it is sad to see that the more things change, the more they really do stay the same. Haters gonna hate, ya know?
    The season 3 premire starts on the 20th of September. Although Max Adler may not, be in it, I will still watch it. Despite what others say about Season 2? I will still buy my DVD of it.
    A true Gleek will still represent for their favorite show.
    It is going to be a long and exciting season. There is always hope he could still show up sometime soon in it. =)

  • Someone who cares. - 8 years ago

    Clearly people have a lot of opinions on this matter I feel the need to let it be know that there is a certain faction of fans who are encouraging people to download multiple web browsers to try and "rig" the voting (a.k.a. cheat) by sneaking in multiple votes. So whatever the result of this poll, everyone should realize that it isn't necessarily an *accurate* representation of what the majority of people would like to see happen. Just food for thought.

    Judging by the comments (I've read every single one, both the good and bad) it sounds like most people would like to see Kurt and Dave eventually become friends or friend-ish, but that a romantic relationship between them would send all the wrong messages and be generally a bad idea. Just wanted to save everyone some reading. Thanks!

  • @shy - 8 years ago

    The character of Dave Karofsky brilliantly portrayed by the multi- talented Glee Actor Max Adler, has people all over the world really talking about issues that before were thought of as too taboo, or a subject not to be discussed in polite company.
    Although this poll is filled with an equal amount of love and hate for the character and the actor, I feel Max should feel proud, and RIB should feel honored and proud as well as Fox Television, for they have done it again.
    Not only have they created a cultural stir that is being felt world wide, they are putting a human face on a sensitive subject that everyone, even our own president can relate to. I say, to the powers that be of Glee, please, let Max continue being Dave in Season 3; and in any spin-offs if that is to be, and I want to thank you for showing to the world, not only a darker side of being human, but that the possibility of it exists in everyone. Not everything is rainbows and unicorns.
    Sometimes, even the hidden sides of ourselves can reflect so much.
    I would also like to address the haters, (of the show, the ship, the character and the actor who portrays him) IF Max Adler is causing you SO much grief, then congratulate him, because as an Actor, he is doing his job, and "reel, has become real". This is the true mark of an accomplished thespian.
    Ryan, Ian, and Brad, please, do not underestimate the untapped bounty that dwells deep inside of this amazing human being, Max Adler. Free his voice, and let him shine as part of Glee Club in New Directions. If you were not going to give the character a better arc in his senior year, then why did you have Mr. Shu tell Dave that IF he put as much effort into it as he did his bullying, he could be one of the most talented in the whole school? Everyone needs a hero to look up to, and Max, well he is my hero.
    I admire his never say never drive about things, and his bravery in all he has done in his young life and his helpful attitude about tenacity and the three P's. (I learned this by watching him on the Glee Project when he was mentoring) I just feel by keeping him on for Season 3 and beyond, a lot more people of all ages would benefit from this gift. Glee saved my life. Max Adler gave me hope. Thanks Max. :) @shy

  • Elle - 8 years ago

    "No, it would send a very mixed and potentially damaging message."


  • Cupcake - 8 years ago

    Can I just point out, as a Karofsky-stan, Blaine-stan and a Klainer, (shocker, I know), I want to see so much more of Karofsky. I really love his storyline a lot. I relate to it in a lot of ways, both as the bully and the one being bullied. I really love the character and I hope to see him on the show, maybe Kurt could mentor him? Honestly, I think Kurtofsky is a beautiful ship, and is definitely thought-provoking. Is it a good idea? Yes, eventually, after years of working through issues. Should it happen canonically? No, it would send a very mixed and potentially damaging message. It would take time for people to accept Kurtofsky, time they don't have on the show; they only have one season left. Rome was not built in a day.

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