Should Colts give up on 2011 and focus on drafting Andrew Luck?

Posted 7 years.


  • Ramond - 7 years ago

    NO... the Kansas City Chiefs need him!

  • nate - 7 years ago

    The colts need to daft a qb for the future now, not when Manning retires, then its to late . Look at miami! Now look at the packers! Daft a qb now let him come up under Manning like Rogers under Farve or Young under Montana. The colts are not going anywhere this season, so if their smart they'll use the good daft pick they get on the best qb possible. They might not have another chance to pick up a good qb. And if Manning retires and the Colts dont have a replacement it wont be good for Indianapolis!

  • ricky livesay - 7 years ago

    fuck all colts haters !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!manning will be back then lets see someone talk there shit . why we go back to the play offs every year again !!!!!!!!!!!!!!gooooooooooo colts for life.........

  • rob - 7 years ago

    If Manning does come back healthy( and I hope he does) they still need to draft or trade for a young QB for Manning to mentor and teach him the offense like 49ers did with Montana/Young. Even if he makes a full recovery, he is still an aging QB now prone to injury. They HAVE to plan for a future without Manning. Not doing so would be team suicide. I love the Colts and I hope they wise up and protect our beloved team. Dont give up on the Colts this season. Still a lot of talent and seasoned veterans on the team, and for the love of God, give Collins more time to learn the system or change the system to suit him. 3 weeks is not enough time. He is older but still has a good arm and the ability to make plays. The season is not all lost but probably won't make the playoffs. Perfect opportunity to pick up a sleeper in the draft next year and get things rolling. You can't run a team on hopes and wishes and luck. They had no plan b and now we have a last second replacement with a lot of work to do and big shoes to fill.

  • Mark Eaton - 7 years ago

    draft Standford QB but do not "and i repeat DO NOT give up on P.Manning.He is the Best that every plyed the game.

  • jerica h - 7 years ago

    Hell no peyton manning is awsume his loyal and
    Humble he is what makes the colts if they cut him
    Their crazy peyton manning all da way baby!!!

  • barry sabanal jr - 7 years ago

    Pull the plug u must be crazy manning is one of the greats let him finish he made the colts badass. Colts baby.

  • Seth Jr - 7 years ago

    ahhh i dont know i say get andrew luck

  • Davis - 7 years ago

    Peyton is a beast u can't throw him away he is a pro just give him time to recover next year is gonna be beasting everyone

  • cody r - 7 years ago

    apparentley 46 percent of you are idiots. you just dont throw away one of the greats. now i dont agree with 90 mill sliding his way and him not being able to come back. but you must wait it out to the last possible moment. it took peyton just about ten years to win his superbowl you think bringing luck in that he is gonna be able to do it quicker? i dont think so colts fans and players needed to wait if they let him go you might wait longer to be in contention for a super bowl. cody r omaha ne

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