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  • Romny quintanar - 2 years ago

    My brother die in09811 told go give my mom sign from god my brother favorite color was that color but yeah I told god give me sign my brother was okay it’s happen twice in around same year 9152011 dec31 2011 my brother bday was dec 292011 I think he came back like in my dream. He here his wing I don’t give a fuck but yeah I been see my brother. A lot of time but yeah he got ran over he didn’t look like the person cops kill him in. On five free his name is Paul quintanar he wa 19 the cops line what happen I found out cops and cover up but yeah I am not against cops there good ones and bad one even in fi or cia or dea good and bad all over oc to la and north cali. But this happen in Tustin ca oc 714. But yeah if I had dream in after life already been Alejandro and other shit open mind thirds eye see my past life asking god give me wisdom and. Ask all my grandfather from my blood line. Sayin and mejec warrior as Apache my great grand father is a chief but yeah. My elder contact my great grandfather contact with me in my dream I see the future too know trump. Gong to win the next election and he rig and pay government resource and other shit happen to lawfoment. And other stuff I die on cross in my frist life I was parihoh In my other life my other life him moreson and my other life was elder monk temple but yeah. She my life in different body and been in my prayer and get this wisdom was doing teaching secret from elder. From other religion butbyeah fast 356 day then drink water and bread. Get the sunlight pray to go so i context with people on other side man in heaven realm it’s was amazing and then my chi was high elder from monk temple told me. But yeah my chant was high to when I learn but yeah you need to know and ttanlate from all religion I know over 28 languages so yeah all religion I mix all together but believe in god yong and yang make grey like back and white magic and believe in god. We learn thes other stuff from the fallen angels

  • ray - 4 years ago

    encountered one today at 6pm anaheim seen asteroids, shooting stars many things in the sky but nothing like this this . would say this was on our troposphere light was directing at something

  • Ruben Hernandez - 6 years ago

    i was driving west bound on the 91 frwy exactly 7:30 pm when i was all of a sudden able to see two glowing objects in are near sky. As im driving faster and closer to get better view of whats taking place i then see the two glowing objects start traveling faster in a straight horizontol motion. at this point i personally witnessed the two glowing objects moving at a slower pace of about 70 mph. Fact? I followed up untill it then started moving in a staggered position. At that moment i then see a military Jet ( your able to hear the loud engine thrust) and see the stealthyness of the other flying military jet. i persued, by about mid way through the Corona Riverside area approximitly where the 91and 15 frwy merge togeather is where both glowing lights then merged together transforming into different colors and circular objects. In that exact momemt i then see the light burst towards the west and seen the military jet Sonic behind object. within seconds light dissapers. countless holicopters and jet hoovering around waiting for its appearence again. We are not alone. The governments behind most pheonominon as humanity we need to stick together and fight back NOW

  • Tyler - 7 years ago

    Latitude:N 32° 43' 35.1322"Longitude:W 103° 6' 53.0306"Latitude:N 32° 43.585536'Longitude:W 103° 6.883843'Latitude:32.726426°Longitude:-103.114731°

    At there coordinates i saw a orange reddish line falling thru the sky and had just exploded I have never seen a falling star like this before. This happen around 2:48-2:55 am mountain time in Hobbs, NM 88240

  • Braya - 8 years ago

    This happened around 10:48 PM

  • Braya Lundy - 8 years ago

    I live in Allenport, Pennsylvania. I was in the bathroom getting ready for the night when my brother called me outside and pointed up in the sky. It was like a big ball of orange light. It was too high up to be a helicopter, and it was not a jet plane because we saw one go by, the helicopter was way below the orange light. It was incredible.. what really astonished me was it just suddenly moved and then it vanished all together!

  • Tina - 8 years ago

    This is not just any blue light! My family and I noticed it sitting there tonight with no ryhme or reason. Moon behind me and this strange blue light in the sky in front of me. What the heck is it? I googled this and people all over the U.S. especially in Norway are making a big deal out of these blue lights in sky mainly they say with spiral effect and some say its changing colors. Something is going on! I will keep searching!

  • SAMUEL MIRANDA - 8 years ago

    Saw it around 7.40pm, it did not look like a falling meteor. Meteors are fast and tend to have one color only . This object was changing colors. It was definitely an Unidentified Flying Object.

    Its about time, we need some more details on this from NASA and FAA, not any false statements!

  • Debra - 8 years ago

    I just think it is something the government is covering up and dont want anyone to know about you know where the government has gotten us right deep in debt so why trust what they tell us

  • Frank - 8 years ago

    In Las Vegas, I was facing South according to my mirror compass, I was a bright green trail going from my right to the left. It appeared to be a meteor although never seen such a bright green glow.

  • chris - 8 years ago

    hey Christopher, i dont think its quite kachina, but your spot on about the disinformation agents.

  • Sal - 8 years ago

    I believe it was Democrat's star falling

  • christopher - 8 years ago

    Nice meteor with reverse thrusters changing direction.

    lies lies and more lies. as soon as the story comes out the disinformation agents are already commenting.. is this the blue kachina hopi prophesy coming true?? it speeds up slows down, changes directions... its dancing in the sky why dosn't cbs post the video

    then all the sudden this? cover up anyone?

  • Gary - 8 years ago

    Hard times !.. People are getting stoned and seeing things like back in the 60s !

  • Lori - 8 years ago

    my husband and myself live in Beaumont, CA. we seen the *light it looked like a* meteor it was bright white and then it turned bright green it had along tail ...then it disapeared and it lasted about 15 sec. or more it was cool..... we had a great veiw but could not get in to grab cam .. that is unfortunate for us

  • Lucas - 8 years ago

    Damn I was hoping it was aliens and they would come and replace our gov. lmao they sure as hell could not do a worse job then the current gov.

  • JENNIFER - 8 years ago


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