Were Brad Pitt's comments to Parade misinterpreted?


  • Denise - 10 years ago

    Well lets face it, he's not very bright, but I think he meant what he said and said it badly.

  • Please - 11 years ago

    Brad Pitt should be ashame of himself.

  • natalie - 11 years ago

    Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie hide behind a guise of being these remarkable Hollywood parents, when the truth be known they have babysitters raising their brood. The children are mere accessories. As a parent of four, I can tell you there is no question in my mind that they are doing anything more than photo opts with the children. You can't lead the life style that they lead and be doting parents as well! Brangelina needs to be more sensitive. He is a jerk and Angie is nothing more than a common tramp! I refuse to watch any more movies that they are in. Brad - what the hell were you thinking!?

  • ray jones - 11 years ago

    Pitt is a liar and has ruined any image of what a perfect marriage should be. he had the most beautiful, honest, sweetest woman in hollywood. i wish Jennifer all the happiness and hope she can find love again and not get hurt. Although JA thought pitt was "all that" he really isnt. Pitt now had what a jerk like him deserves.

  • KN_Gossip - 11 years ago

    It is easy to see how Brad's comments would be misinterpreted, as I feel it all depends on whether or not you are a woman or a man. If you are a woman, you say,"Hell no! It is clear what he meant!" If you are a man, you would probably say, "That's not what I meant!"

    When a person says that "my marriage had something to do with it," I feel it is hard to separate the marriage from the person to whom you are/were married. If I were Jennifer, I would be hurt by his comments, as it is NOT easy to take a statement like that personally. And, yes, I am a woman.

    As a woman, I find that many men "lack a sensitivity chip." (I think Jennifer said that about Brad too once they split up.) They say things, and then they are quick to say something like "I didn't mean that." Whether or not a man--or Brad in this case--is backpedaling when he says this kind of thing has to be interpreted by the other things that he says and does so that one has a context from which to analyze his statement.

    When looking at how "happy" Brad is now, I feel that his response about an uninteresting life was directly about Jennifer. When you are in the right relationship--as Brad seems to be in now--life is cheerful, life is fun, life is interesting and exciting. And, for Brad, you make movies about interesting things, and you have a lot of children... which, we all know, makes life so very interesting!

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