Which Doll Should I Take To AGP?

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Posted 8 years.


  • A Gonna-Be-Youtuber - 7 years ago

    Heya! I would have said Peyton, but the staff at the American Girl Place might look at you funny if you bring in a once-girl doll. I meant, you made (her?!) a boy! Don't get me wrong, I really like the idea, and I'm a HUGE fan of all of your videos (Music in Me, Search + Destroy, Over the Palace Wall, The Ballerina Project, etc.), but I'm not sure how the staff will handle it. They'll think you're crazy. Well you are, but in your own good way. Everyones crazy.
    ANYWAYS...They are twins, so you might as well take both. But if you don't want to take Peyton, don't take him! Honestly, soem of the staff might like the idea, even, of a boy doll. Think about it: "American Boy Doll. Let your sweaty self shine!" Ok, probably not.
    So sorry if I'm blabbering, but I've never commented. 'Cause I DON'T KNOW HOW TO CHANGE MY YOUTUBE ACCOUNT USERNAME! It has my email, which has my name, in which if I exposed, my parents would kill me.

    Sorry, you're awesome, and bye bye,

    p.s. You may want to check out MyFroggyStuff if you want to make/have things really cheap. She has LOTS of really easy, quick, and cheap crafts. She does doll and real, and a whole, pretty, wall design thing of hers she made (for real, not dolls!) only cost $7.00, and she still has lots of stuff! ;)

    LOL (Lots of Love-in a fan way)

  • Marleymaggie10 - 8 years ago

    Well,Peyton is a super cool doll that my own dolls love but Asia is a awesome doll too so I have to say.....both

  • Lexi B. - 8 years ago

    I think you should bring both. They are twins.

  • shiningaggirl - 8 years ago

    I think you should take both but you have to take Peyton because he is a boy doll and you will get tons of questions and compliments.

  • Lexylive4ag - 8 years ago

    Bring Asia for sure that way when you go u can bring her ricept and show it to the people at the doll solan and they can perice her ears!

  • Kayley - 8 years ago

    Firstie!!! Anyway, I think both because Peyton is your custom awesomeness, but Asia is his pretty new sister! I took my look-alike the first time I went and we dressed a-like and we got soooooooo many compliments. (wink wink)

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