Do You Agree with the Booing of Chris Johnson

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  • Teresa Herrell - 9 years ago

    Booing, this is a sore subject with me. Booing is what caused VY to leave the field on several games because he was young and enjoyed the crowd when he did good. He made some bad choices and the crowd turned on him and starting booing. This really messed with his head until he had to leave the field. I believe the fans are crazy for booing any player. They re doing the best they can do when they are on the field. Hopefully Chris J. will be better at handling the crowd when they boo. Fans that do that should be a shame of themselves. They could never and I mean never get on that field and do 1/100's of what those players do. Everyone has a bad day!!! Win or Lose I am a true titian fan. I have never been to a game, but I watch everyone. I believe everyone can have a off day. I know everyone of those booers have had a bad day and if they say they have not they are a liar. He who has not had a bad day cast the first BOO. It should be quite as a mouse after that. What ever changes the owner and coaches feel that bis needed so be it. If you are a true fan you know these people will do the very best they can to have a great team. I am looking forward to this season of Titans football and I believe we will go to the superbowl and kick ASS.

    Thank-you for leting me vent on this subject, I get so mad when anyone boos my team.

    Teresa Herrell
    2259 slayden marion road
    cumberland furnace TN 37051

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