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  • Gaby - 8 years ago

    I am against the death penalty, in most cases---hear me out. After the recent execution this week of Troy Davis, I found myself surprisingly shocked that the Supreme Court ignored the letter sent in by the former wardens and even heads of state correctional departments, as well as 7 of the former witnesses recanting their testimony. I was saddened as there was significant doubt as to his guilt.

    I feel that soon Mr. Davis will be found innocent, after yet another example of the travesty of justice.

    The death penalty has been found to NOT be a deterrent, much like the 3-strikes law we have in California. While I do believe in the death penalty in some instances (sexual abuse, serial murder), the system is soooo flawed that justice is not, well, just. I also understand that weighty issue of how expensive it is to house people for life in the prison industrial complex.

    The issue is so heart goes out to the victim's families--on both sides of the bench. Unfortunately our judicial and legal system has so many flaws and corruptions and biases that the topic of the death penalty can never really be cut and dry. Sigh. :( Sorry, as I am still saddened by the death of Troy Davis amidst the new evidence of his innocence.

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