If you forget your cell phone at home, what do you do?

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  • Nathaniel DiCarlo - 13 years ago

    My phone is a big part of my life. When I don't have my laptop up and running, my cell phone, which is a smartphone, is a big part of my life and connects me to my email, friends, and news. I allows me to update my information via facebook/twitter/WindowsLive, so if I forgot it at any time, I would definitely go back and get it. Cell phones these days are like the next desktop. All your information and needs at your fingertips. Want to watch a video on Youtube? Your smartphone can do that! What about check on the news and watch a movie? It can do that too! How about check email, and all my social networks? Well, guess what it can do that too! Might I also include that it can support games, and don't forget the regular things like texting and calling people. It can do just about anything you want it to! That's why its such a big part of my life. Keeps me connected!

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