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Why Are You Here (Poll Closed)

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  • Susan Calitz - 12 years ago

    I just love hearing about your adventures and mis-adventures!! Also love your quilts and ideas and your design wall Mondays really inspires me. This made me get a design wall and a quilting studio and a long-arm and the rest is what makes my life wonderful .

  • Darlene S - 12 years ago

    I love hearing about your daily life. You are entertaining, informative, motivational and a genuine person. I would love to be your close neighbor and friend. You are one of the most down-to-earth person and I feel like we share many of the same likes and feelings about life. Don't ever stop "talking" with us. We would all be soooo sad. :) Dar in O'Fallon

  • Pat - 12 years ago

    Didn't vote because, like others, I needed an "all of the above" option!

  • Linda Bott - 12 years ago

    As so many have voted, I picked the last one because all your post are a variety of emotion as everyones daily for being a nester, I am also, well I would like to be but my DH is like your Vince, always thinking of moving...we have moved 25 times in 43 years plus the almost 5 years here...going, going, he wants to retire but the real estate market is not letting him...I don't decorate much anymore except for the Christmas holiday, and year round decor, as soon as I get things the way I like them...guess what?

  • Carrie - 12 years ago

    I came here for the quilting, but I really enjoy hearing about your moving adventures, your canning, even the Vince stories! I don't knit, but I'm amazed at what you can do, so even that stuff is OK! And I love that you post several times a day... that way I don't feel guilty on the rare occasion that there's a post that doesn't really grab my attention and I end up skimming through it. Just keep on doing what you're doing, Judy!

  • Robin - 12 years ago

    Probably should have checked the last one but started reading because I found your blog listed on a friends site and stayed for the quilting but love all the other stories from the cooking to the chickens and family. I personally don't knit but i just stay amzed at all you accomplish in a day.

  • Ellie - 12 years ago

    I checked the last one but only because you didn't have "All of the above". I hope you won't limit the number of stories you tell because some got fewer votes. We all read because you are so entertaining and we want to hear what is going on in your life!

  • Cynthia H. - 12 years ago

    The poll says "cooking." But there's so much more to it: gardening, food-keeping (canning, drying, freezing, etc.), chickens--I miss those chickens!, etc. Making bread from the Montana Wheat folks' whole grains.

    Also, now that I've learned how to knit, the knitting.

    The quilting originally got me here via Bonnie Hunter's Quiltville, but I stay for the other reasons.

  • Elaine - 12 years ago

    I could have checked them all! Even though I don't knit, I always enjoy seeing what you are doing. You would be one of my most favorite blogs to visit and hope you don't ever stop writing. Love your sense of humor, and you keep me motivated with my quilting, don't stop.....

  • Becky Ball - 12 years ago

    I checked the last one, but quilting posts comes in a close second for me. I love your quilts, patterns, journal, etc. I sometimes try your recipes. I've loved the house hunt. You get the idea.

  • Sandy - 12 years ago

    Somewhere in blogland I came across a mention of "Design Wall Monday" so I took a look. That was the start of reading your blog. Now I come at least daily to see what's happening, as well as on Mondays to see what others in the quilt world are making. I enjoy your posts, which is why I voted for "Just to see. . ."

  • Joyce - 12 years ago

    I read you everyday and I especially like the Vince green shirt stories. In fact I wish I could have clicked more than one choice and I did try that. The only thing on your list I would not click is knitting and that is only cuz I don't knit but I do like seeing your projects...Hope a new Ruby is in your future soon.

  • marge in Louisiana - 12 years ago

    I came originally for the quilting, but as the months have gone by, I come for the stories, the foibles and now that I have been following the links for Design Wall Monday, the friendships. I feel like I have friends, through the common bond of your web site, all over the world. What I would miss most of all if you stopped? -the whole new world out there you have provided. Thank you.

  • Debbie R - 12 years ago

    I voted for the reason I came... quilting which I still love to see your work... and I think it is still the main reason.... but your blog is like I am visiting over the fence.....

  • liz n - 12 years ago

    Interesting started about the quilting but then you became a "neighbor".....all of the above would be the reason now. I garden, can, love to cook, have had chickens and if I were younger goats would be on my list too. Nothing gives me more satisfaction than the feeling of self sufficiency! You are someone we would all love to have living down the road!

  • Kathy Smither - 12 years ago

    I found you when I first started reading quilting blogs but I keep reading because what you write is interesting and fun. You and a few others have inspired me to try to start a blog that I'm sure will mostly be just a record for me. Setting it up is pretty easy, figuring out what to post is such a challenge!

  • Pat Bandura - 12 years ago

    I voted for why I came to your blog for the first time. I continue to come on a daily basis because I enjoy all your post no matter what the topic. You make it easy to feel your hurts and joys and I'm sure have kept more than me on the edge hoping the next post will be that you have found a home you like and are actually moving in

  • Audrey - 12 years ago

    I picked the last one becuase there wasn't an 'all of the above' option. I love the stories of your critters and can hardly wait until you have hens again. At times, I feel like I'm living life vicariously through you. LOL

  • Sandi Price - 12 years ago

    I checked quilting stuff because that is what brought me here, but if it would let me check 2 I would have also clicked on - to see what you might do next. I even share your adventures with the hubby some evenings. LOL

  • Balinda - 12 years ago

    I chose the last option because I check in to see your quilting and knitting stuff but also love to hear the family, real estate, and other stories.

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