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What do you think of the Sean Bell shooting trial verdict? (Poll Closed)

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  • Jason - 14 years ago

    This is a clear example on how the Justice system is white supremecy.
    No Justice for Blacks.
    The NYPD, the Judge and the D.A. all work in concord with each other.
    The Verdict was already set before the trial Began.

  • Jain - 14 years ago

    How many bullets do you have to fire before you realize no one is firing back at you? All 3 of those cops should at the very least be fired. They're either trigger happy, scared of their own shadows, or idiots.

  • khumfindmi - 14 years ago

    reckless endangerment as in shooting at the Airtrain and Airtrain platform.
    someone could of gotten hurt running away from those bullets.

  • Anderson - 14 years ago

    "not be little pussies who empty clips into unarmed people."

    Yo mama, the detectives had no idea they were unarmed. Use of deadly force was justified. Perhaps you would prefer a detective to wait until his partner receives a round in head, call his PBA lawyer, and then return fire.

    Better yet, lets have them both get shot, left for dead, and pick up the pieces later. Would save a lot of money in court fees.

    The three detectives weren't reckless in this situation, the Bell bachelor party was, and unfortunately this misunderstanding turned into a tragedy.

  • Yo Mama - 14 years ago

    The court also said that slavery was legal... back in 1800. Just because a court says something, does not make it so. Plus, the question is fine. Your own explanation of it, LLCJ, shows that although they were not deemed negligent, they were, in my opinion, extremely reckless. Their job is to serve and protect, not be little pussies who empty clips into unarmed people.

  • LLCJ - 14 years ago

    The question is poorly worded. There's a difference between criminally negligent and simple recklessness. The court explicitly said that they were not criminally negligent.

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