Do you think Christine should want to be more than just the "third wife?"

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  • Dorotjy - 6 years ago

    Since only the first wife is legal and is the only one which gets a marriage license and according to what I heard them remark on one of the two shows about polygimist mariges the first wife has the most power and is always #1 in the system or hiererarchy they usually vie to be the first wife. Not that I would want to be part of it

  • Donna - 8 years ago

    I was impressed with Kody and his ability to treat each relationship as an individual marriage. I am now beginning to think Kody is only interested in Kody. He needs to work on his relationship with Christine. 3rd wife or not he made a commitment and he needs to stand by Christine and their children!!!!!!

  • Debbie - 8 years ago

    We have the right to make our oppinion so you need to just f deal with it. Kody just wants all these dumb asses to cater to his ass. He has nothing to do with raising these kids

  • christine stewart - 8 years ago

    I think that in this family all the wives are equal yes they may fill different rolls but one is no more important than the others. It is only society that "think" 3rd is a lesser wife than !st.Kody loves all his wives and children and we have no right to judge them we should just let them be themselves and live their lives the way they see fit

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