What do you call a 16-ounce can of beer?


  • Sammycat - 6 years ago

    This might be a generation thing, but amongst my friends 25-30 we call them "Tall Cans" I've only heard older folks call 'em tallboys.

  • D.j. - 7 years ago

    24 oz is a tall boy and 16 oz is a pounder. As a long time beer drinking professional i assure you that is correct. Although some refer to the 16 oz as a tall boy it is incorrect. I know a lot of people that if after sending u to the store for a tallboy and you returned with a pounder, would be quite upset.

  • NikkiD. - 9 years ago

    Here all you idiots go... ;)
    Go to the LQ ask for a tallboy of something (keystone ;) and they will give you a 24oz can. I have yet to find anywhere that gives you a 16oz!

  • Tom Bleichert - 11 years ago

    Why not call them a"pint". In England that's how beer is commonly served, as either pints or half pints. The name fits the volume and its sort of traditional. Who will be the first company to come up with a "30 pack of pints".

  • DancingBear - 11 years ago

    It might be regional, in Arizona I always heard "tallboy" but since moving back to Minnesota all I've heard is "pounder." I thought there was a difference or something, but really there wasn't.

  • Mamasixpack - 11 years ago

    In the early '70's....Thursday night was Tallboy Night at the local bars in East Lansing, MI. However, it was certainly not craft beer but Bud Night. If the reference is unsatisfying, then by all means change the name to "pounder."

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