Time to worry about Romo after Sunday's collapse?

  • Shawn P. Simmons - 10 years ago

    It's a long season, let's just see how it all ends.

  • Gary Barrett - 10 years ago

    I've seen plenty of great QBs have worse games, Brady last week 4 int, manning, seen him throw 4 int actually Ely has thrown 4 int. You think Farve didn't have his share of disasters, Macnab I've seen him screw the pooch.
    Just (only) because Romo is QB of "Americas Team" everybody wants to make a issue out of it. C'mon man, get off Romo, he's one of the 5 best QBs in th league. I put him at #4 myself behind Brady, P. Manning and Rogers. He will be just fine, s... happens. GO ROMO you still the man !!!

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