Which Republican will win the GOP Presidential Nomination?

Posted 7 years.


  • Me - 7 years ago


    The dare was to show another candidate with the referenced credentials (Makes sense, doesn't flip flop). Not to simply blurt out a bunch of negatives without reference. Offer a viable alternative or continue spouting meaningless drivel.

  • Terry_b - 7 years ago

    Let me dare to try. Since when promoting freedom, being the king of earmarks, accepting donations from white supremacists and wanting to audit the fed for 30 years and counting, are accomplishments?

  • Rachel - 7 years ago

    Ron Paul is the ONLY person in politics who makes sense, and he’s been making sense (predicting the financial crisis and NEVER flip flopping) since the 1980s. Show me one other person who has credentials like his. I dare you to try.

  • LouK - 7 years ago

    America is in big big trouble if this sorry list of candidates is the best we have to offer.

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