Should Hank Williams Jr. be permanently removed from the "Monday Night Football" opening?


  • Ron - 13 years ago

    If ESPN was worried about Hank Williams Jr being an embarrassment, they never should have contracted with him-he has plenty of more embarrassing news items in his past! The man can have his opinion and I am so sick and tired of people demanding public apologies. Mr Williams actually gained some of my respect by not giving one!

  • John - 13 years ago

    That was the Worst Monday Night Intro i have ever watched in 40 years. I hope Espn had terrible ratings over this . So whats up ? You talk bad about Obama and we punish you ? Is that America ? If it was said about any Other President It would have been No big deal. BUT YOU CANT TALK ABOUT OBAMA AS WE CALL HIM . IM really sick of it.

  • jim - 13 years ago

    Hank has a right to say what ever he wants. Nobody said a thing when Keith Ellison ( Democrat from Minnesota) said President Bush was like Hitler. ESPN & FOX can kiss my Tennessee ass.

  • Wes - 13 years ago

    If Hank is out so am I this was a STUPID ASS move for espn to get involved. Someone needed FIRED not Hank.

  • roger allen - 13 years ago

    if this was said about some half wit right wing america hating republican then the republican party would be up in arms asking for old hanks head - take him off the air - he is as unamerican as they come - make him unemployed - He will never see a dime of my money- guy cant sing anyway- half baked Palin teabag gas bag if you ask me !

  • Freedom? - 13 years ago

    Everyone in America has a right to free speech. If you speak your mind in this country and you aren't employed, you will be fine. If you speak your mind and you are employed, watch out! This is censorship and it is wrong. The solution is for the employee of a company to sign an agreement that states that the employer does not necessarily agree or represent the views or the expressed opinions of their employee. Hank was expressing what he believes. It may not be what others believe, but that is what it means to live in a "free speech" society. He does have a right to express what he truly believes. If you don't agree with Hank's comments, then that is your right to express your reaction, but it is not a reason to condemn him to be fired. Don't let us (America) fall to this new censorship that the media propels. Please think about what is happening to this country before you make a comment. This is wrong.

  • Daniel - 13 years ago

    Its stuff like this that makes me sad who cares what he said if you don't like it don't watch it years ago people were honored when they made lude commentslike that. But now sence everyone has the right to sue anyone for wish ing them a merry christmass this comment is over thought to be saying obama is a comi no it was said to show how off color him and some oppisit party playin a game of golf was well get over your self ABC and ESPN winning

  • Carol - 13 years ago

    Leave Hank Williams on Monday night Football !!! We love Hank.

    FREEDOM OF SPEACH ! We are in favor of leaving Hank on Monday nights or we will not watch.

  • Jonathan Block - 13 years ago

    I guess it's OK if someone says something like this about George Bush but the minute someone criticizes Obama, it's a crime. There goes the liberal media again.

  • Claude Wooley - 13 years ago

    Listen to all the hypocrites out there--there is so much smut being sent toward our children from Hollywood, and the networks, Jaworski drops an "S" bomb on ESPN, but all the naysayers jump up and holler disrespect when Hank Williams makes a comparison, or an anology about the President. Get over it ESPN--get over it all you whining-assed little babies out there who are doing everything you can to take away a precious freedom--its called free speech. Grow-up and get your head out of it. I'm disappointed in you ESPN--thought you had more gonads than that.

  • Kate - 13 years ago

    We allow criminals to play professional sports, but ban 'ole Hank for his stupid remark. What happened to freedom of speech?

  • Joe W Sr - 13 years ago

    His apology was pathetic - not an apology at all. He can speak his mind as uneducated as it seems.

  • Mara Smith - 13 years ago

    Get rid of him. Lousy singer and older than dirt and losing his mind, apparently. Get with the times, ESPN. Get someone new.

  • Sam - 13 years ago

    He is a fool. All I will think of when I see him sing his song is his blindness, ignorance, and foolio attitude. ESPN, the leader in sports, could cast many more deserving people in that role. Who needs who more?

  • KAY SMITH - 13 years ago

    I don't care if Hank had meant it the way they're wanting to take it, which he didn't, this is still a free America! If ESPN takes him off permanently, I, for one, will never watch Monday Night Football or any station affiliated with ESPN. You don't fix something that isn't broken!!! Get real, Monday Night Football will never be the same without Hank Williams!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • droolpillow - 13 years ago

    this should teach this dude a lesson in economics... keep on backpedaling son.

    However, if he is truly passionate about is words he should continue on as long as he is not hurtful. honestly though, As a entertainer i doubt he'll let politics get in the way of his easy chedda. I'll put money on that.

  • ocar - 13 years ago

    YOU GO Hank

    going to buy your newest CD

    dixie chicks eat your heart out

  • jake - 13 years ago

    really espn your retarded put trhe guy back on he the best u made a stupid choice

  • Mac - 13 years ago

    Oh, for God's sake, dump him! Not because what he said was stupid. We all know he's stupid. It's because he's so old and tired and over, although I must admit, he's not entirely unlike MNF

  • Steve - 13 years ago


  • Kay Stezenski - 13 years ago

    If this doesn't beat all, so he compared Obama to Hitler, so did the liberals compare Bush to Hitler, nothing was done to them, so just drop it, you are making a mountain out of a mole hill. Talk about censor ship.

  • Jim - 13 years ago

    Freedom of speech. personally if he is not back on I will ban the entire station.

  • Ann - 13 years ago

    There is freedom of speech, & then there's slander. THIS was slander. What has happened to our nation where the President is SO disrespected that people are allowed to say what they want about them, JUST BECAUSE OF FREEDOM OF SPEECH? We are taking this amendment WAY TOO FAR!
    Kudos to ESPN for NOT wanting to be a part of this SLANDER. It's ESPN's right, FREEDOM OF SPEECH, to be upset & get rid of him. Is it not?

  • John - 13 years ago

    Hey the guy should be able to say what ever he wants.
    It is America ..............Freedom of speech people.
    Let him sing.

  • art - 13 years ago

    he spoke against the president, as with the chicks he should be banned.

  • JERRY HOFFNER - 13 years ago


  • Mark Ingalls - 13 years ago

    As President Bush said about the Dixie Chicks, there are there are consequences for what we say.

  • Fred - 13 years ago

    If your anti american you should not receive any money from the NFL thank you NFL

  • Ronald Pedersen - 13 years ago

    By Banning Hank Williams from Monday Night Footballs Opening Show all ESPN is doing is Validating the Analogy Hank made about Obama playing golf with Boehner being like cats and dogs having a Tea Party! America was Founded with Freedom of Speech being one of the MOST important, if not THE most Important, of ALL The Freedoms in the Universe! Just Wait until the Advertisers find out how much Money they are losing by letting ESPN become the next Dictator of Sports Television! We No Longer Will Be Pushed Aside By Little Men with Small Minds(among other things, heh, heh), and Made To Follow Them Like Cattle To The Slaughter! I Have already begun MY BOYCOTT of ALL THINGS ESPN or Monday Night Football Related! I will not include ABC in this because They were not the Official Network of Monday Night Football for the past few years.By the end of this Football Season ESPN will be Begging Hank To Forgive and Forget!

  • RayMike - 13 years ago

    A Country Boy Will Survive!!!!!!!!!!!! Go HANK!

  • mike - 13 years ago

    If he said something of the same nature towards President Bush he wouldn't have skipped a beat with his gig on Monday Night.

  • KB - 13 years ago

    Freedom of speech is alive and well in this country but it doesn't mean you can't lose your job for speaking up. Comparing Obama to Hitler and Boehner to Netanyahu is just way out there. If you watch the interview of Hank, Jr. you can tell he had just finished a bottle of Jack and was as much of an emabarresment to FOX and Friends as he was to ESPN. Hank, Jr. may not lose his job but I bet the producer who booked him on the morning show lost his or her job.

  • SaveOurRepublic - 13 years ago

    Hey, if the shoe fits...

    I am suddenly a big Hank Williams, Junior fan. And I don't even like country. But I love my country. Obama hates my country. That's why he's trying to destroy it from the inside.

  • Sourmash - 13 years ago

    There is no censorship or free speech issue in this case. Williams spoke freely. ESPN chose to speak through it action of pulling him from their showing of the MNF game. Those who think Williams was somehow wronged need to keep two things in mind. First - ESPN has rights also. Second - Words DO have consequences.

  • Oma - 13 years ago

    You Go Hank!!!! The American People are sick and tired of Dictator Obama and will speak loud & clear in 2012.......he has got to GO!!!!!

  • Frank - 13 years ago

    This has nothing with 'being iconic', freedom of speech or GOD. It was a racist comment made by a stupid red neck. It is a good decision made by ESPN to kick him out. There is plenty of a good signers out there that could do the same job.
    Grow up America !

  • stoneman - 13 years ago

    It makes me furious the way people are misconstruing the analogy! The point he was making is that he felt it was a ludicrous pairing. He could have just as easily said Hatfields and McCoys. He was not saying Obama is like Hitler, he was just saying that it made no sense for Boehner and him to golf together -- just as it wouldn't make sense for Hitler and Netanyahu or a Hatfield and a McCoy to play together.
    I disagree with Hank that it was a bad idea for them to golf together; but the man was not calling Obama Hitler. There is no reason to pull him from MNF!

  • rivsyder - 13 years ago

    Great song, stupid comment, turn the page!

  • kristi - 13 years ago

    I have a very hard time believing that any of you who say they will stop watching MNF if HW Jr is removed would really do it. Are you watching for him or for the football? Come on - really????

  • dec - 13 years ago

    I agree with Don watson what has happened to this country.,I don't see the freedom of speech any more.May GOD bless America we certainly need it.

  • jack burk - 13 years ago

    if monday night football removes hank jr i will stop watch mnf and stop supporting its sponsors this is the USA and we do have the right of free speech if mnf likes it or not

  • TN Mick - 13 years ago

    Those of you who want Hank to continue on MNF are missing the point. Yess, free speech is
    free but there are consequences for what you say. And yes, there have been many shots taken at every president by opponents. This is different because Hank is the historical lead
    in for a major network production. That network cannot have some quasi represenative
    comparing any President to Hitler. Other pundits or guests on all networks may do and say as they like as they do not have a relationship with a particular show or as in this case a football game. ESPN has no choice but to either let ole dumbass Hank hit the street or to semi endorse his nutso view. Which they absolutely cannot do.

  • Alfred Menchaca - 13 years ago

    Forgive the guy. He is a child in a grown man's body. You know, children repeat what they hear from the grown ups. He probably doesn't know who Hitler was or what he did. I am sure that he said those words without any malice in his heart for neither Obama nor Biden.

  • Don Watson - 13 years ago

    The very fact that Hank Jr. was "silenced" to the public is, in itself, PROOF of the truth in his statement. The first thing a tyrant does is to silence any opinion that does not glorify the tyrant. How many slanderous and criminal statements were made against our last President, Mr. Bush, with not so much as a murmur because it was only "Freedom of speech"? Where is that freedom now? It must be gone. Why?

  • Rusty Metal - 13 years ago

    Hank gives rednecks a bad name. Speak his mind? I don't care if he speaks his mind on his own time, that's his privilege here in America. However, yeah, in his case it just proves what a dolt he is. Living on his daddy's fame still. And comparing to Hitler? That doesn't even make sense. Nazi's were all psycho Aryan fascist, not lefties. I mean, if Hank meant to use hyperbole to vilify and denigrate the man, at least pick a historic icon that make sense, Mao or Lenin maybe, or Marx even - Marx was an intellectual bookworm who tried to identify with the common man while being isolated by his own intellect and tendency to over-analyze, while simultaneously trying to integrating all points of view. Kinda like that whole debt ceiling thing. As for MNF, well maybe Hank is ok if the Raiders are playing, but otherwise - he's out of here.

  • TerryM - 13 years ago

    I could care less what he said (idiotic though it was), but that song is so played out. Give someone else a chance.

  • John - 13 years ago

    Williams is an idiot. However, ESPN should keep the song, but embellish it to feature Williams political thoughts. Also, Williams should be given a bajillion dollar raise.

  • craig young - 13 years ago

    ESPN keep Hank , you messed up years ago taking him off and replacing him with what you thought people wanted to hear which was crap . And Kristi you're probably one of those that voted for him thinking you would "never have to buy gas for my car again" .. wake up he's taking this country and everything we stand for and throwing it away cause he thinks we should be more like Europe . BULL!!!!! any ways keep Hank and like Ralphie said tell him to shut up and just sing ..

  • Kevin - 13 years ago

    This comment in no way disrespected the president. It was an analogy. It's like saying Obama is to Boehner as apples are to oranges, compares the president to doesn't.

  • Sarai - 13 years ago

    Listen to the entire comment!!! He's saying that having Obama and Boehner playing golf is like a nazi and a jew playing golf. STUPID yes, offensive, no. He sings a song for the best intro to football ever. He is not known for sobriety and well thought out comments. I am a committed Obama believer and I think that this is stupid and distracting from the real racism out there (birthers).

  • MT - 13 years ago

    I "save up" fast forward time so I can fast forward both Hank Williams and Faith Hill before football games because I think it's stupid and I don't need any more hype. Mostly because I am, in fact, ready for some football and don't need to be entertained any further. Just put the stinkin' game on!! Having said that-he should be removed permanently, but not because of his comments on the president. He's a country western singer-not the political voice of the nation. ESPN is looking worse and worse on this one. Reminds me of when they removed a certain political talk show host for saying McNabb was overrated and sheltered because of his color. Looks like he was right on that one after all-but ESPN still sent him down the road. Sports and politics are always going to be controversial, just deal with it-but not with censorship-it's too hard to be consistent.

  • Sheilasullivan - 13 years ago

    We do still have freedom of speech in this country don't we? Wow....lack of respect to our president??? Are you kidding me? How about the lack of respect they showed Bush, that was okay? This is America, and we have the freedom of speach, it's one of the things that make us Americans....what has happened to this country?

  • Nati - 13 years ago

    He's out in my opinion...too much negativity in this country... and children watch football.. what they see and hear they will learn!

  • Carol - 13 years ago

    A lot worse has been said by the leftists about Bush, as well as others who are conservative
    and outspoken (or not "politically correct" ) get over it!

  • Randy - 13 years ago

    I have had all I can take,to slander the Pres should be a crime not a way to get press. I don't agree with everything the President has done or said BUT he is the PRESIDENT if you don't like him vote him out. Ole Hank is just one of many who should be charged with a crime against the U.S A. Wrong is Wrong and it needs to stop!!!!

  • kristi - 13 years ago

    I am troubled by the lack of respect given our president from so many directions. This is another one, and until these people are quieted, it will continue. Please do not reward HW Jr for his comments by continuing his MNF opener. Otherwise, this is just another example of how our children are being shown that it's okay to show disrespect and slander our leader. I don't care if we are talking about republicans, democrats, independents, black white, green, pink or whatever. This has to stop and MNF will help with this effort by no longer airing HW Jr's opener.

  • john Agnew - 13 years ago

    I am finished watching MNF and every channel associated with ABC if they dont put him back on. Who really cares what he said?? All I care is that it is the best damn intro on TV. With the interenet to get my sports news I will survive without them. PUT HIM BACK ON!!!!

  • BLK - 13 years ago

    The man is allowed to voice his opinion -it may be idiotic but that is his opinion, not ESPN's. Being PC has gotten totally out of hand.

  • ronald bowman - 13 years ago

    If MNF takes Hank Jr. off the air for speaking his mind Espn is going to lose many, many viewers !!

  • Ralphie - 13 years ago

    It's iconic. Keep it. Have ESPN tell Hank to shut up and stick to singin'

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