What US carrier do you plan on getting your next iPhone on?

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  • Apple Inc. - 9 years ago

    MTS - RUS
    Megafon RUS
    it doesn't matter))

  • Ilya - 9 years ago

    Megafon, Beeline - Russia

  • Mario - 9 years ago

    Vodafone - ITALY

  • Spoe - 9 years ago

    AT&T for the simple reason I USE the ability to use the internet and talk at the same time fairly regularly. Sprint and Verizon are non-starters for me for this reason alone.

  • Jay - 9 years ago

    AT&T is the best network hands down!
    Great Customer Service plus Tech Support is amazing!

  • JUL_N8 - 9 years ago

    iPhone 4S unlocked with Movistar Argentina!

  • Tom - 9 years ago

    Rogers - Canada

  • Derren - 9 years ago

    Preorder last week with bestbuy store in Brentwood ca. Was here at 7:50 this morning for my two AT&T white iPhone 4s. One bestbuy rep came out at 7:55 and ask if I'm waiting for an iPhone. And told me they haven't got a shipment of any 32gb iPhone 4s. And I'll get a email when they get it. Maybe by 10am. It 10:45 and no email. While Im watching the news an people are picking them up at apple stores.

  • Cory Targriss - 9 years ago

    Sprint all the way! I made the mistake of switching to Verizon, resulting in bigger phone bills, much slower data, and lousy service (Reliable? Ha!). I'm loving my new 4S on Sprint today!! Cheaper, unlimited, and way more reliable than the Ugly V.

  • georges - 9 years ago

    Orange - France

  • matt - 9 years ago

    Hoping Im not making a mistake by going with Sprint. Hoping that their network will be ok...and that they'll keep their unlimited data grandfathered. (Note that their website says offer ends October 30, 2011...hmmm?) I found a coupon code online for an employee referral program which gives you the unlimited 450 plan for only 69.99 - couldn't pass up that deal - especially when they're doing free mobile to any mobile calls and free texts, data, and free weekends and nights after only 7pm...so you basically only have to use your minutes for daytime landline. Im just hoping its not too good to be true here in Atl. Everyone I know has ATT iPhones but they're always complaining. So we'll see. I had been with Tmobile but their customer service has gone down hill, and the whole merger thing and no iPhone

  • Sam - 9 years ago

    AT&T using a 4g icon is a lot like AT&T showing an Edge symbal when your roaming on another GSM network. As a customer with unlimited data I received emails from AT&T stating that I was breaking my contract by using data; but my phone was telling me that I was in At&ts network. Infact, I had been roaming. It wasn't until after I got a nasty gram from them that they changed the settings on my phone to tell me when I was off network. In other words, AT&T lies to it's customers to make itself look better. Now they are going to boast that the new phone is running in a 4g network, when instead, it is only improvements on Apples side which give it a faster speed on at&ts 3G network. Yeah, this definatly feels a move AT&T would make. Maybe they should invest some time and energy into their edge and 3G networks instead of trying to roll out a 4g network; or get a new icon to trick their customers.

  • Edwin - 9 years ago

    MG: I read (sorry but don't remember where) there was unlocked phones in november; be patient. Personally would love economic unlocked versions (i.e. 3S or 4).

  • Edwin - 9 years ago

    Personal from Argentina, but could be any other company.
    Thats means: I wanna unlocked!!!

  • tarek93 - 9 years ago

    I'll take the unlocked model :)

  • christophe - 9 years ago

    claro, domican republic

  • ozualdo cuevas - 9 years ago

    Oh well you At&t may buy the congress the first in internet development T mobile purchase and now even the polls. With new technology like LTE roll out by 2014 their will arrived faster internet spectrum and like laser driven light memory clocks and much more. And At&t manipulationsare advertising to gain lies. Of course is only been proven that their spectrum could be versatile but their speeds are so fantastically that their reach may lacked what they propose. Don't let yourselves been fool by a mass advertising is all propaganda.

  • Justin - 9 years ago

    Im sticking with AT&T. I've had them for about 7 years now and I've never had a dropped call. Service changes by where you live and what coverage they have and how many subscribers. I know plenty of people here on the space coast that have sprint and anytime they go in to a building their service goes away completely.

  • Kevan - 9 years ago

    I like the idea of having faster speeds with AT&T, but quite frankly if I NEVER have service what good is it going to do me? I'm switching to Verizon after 4 years on AT&T. Yeah I won't have faux 4G, but at least I'll have service all the time.

  • Tiger - 9 years ago

    People do hate AT&T. That's why a full 45% voted for other carriers. Those 45% likely hate AT&T.

    Me? I hate Verizon ever since they gave me a big expensive bill plus lousy service. Clearly from these numbers, about 85% hate Verizon.

  • Goretex11 - 9 years ago

    They are selling it unlocked. In November. Says so right on apple.com. Try Google before ranting. Your blood pressure will thank you.

  • liquid - 9 years ago

    I never hated the ATT network. It always worked for me. I live in Monterey County California.

  • kadz - 9 years ago

    Digicel - St. Lucia (Caribbean)

  • GianLuca - 9 years ago

    Rogers Canada

  • MG - 9 years ago

    Am I the only person going absolutely MAD trying to find out if they're gonna sell unlocked??? Or at least if you can purchase without picking carrier - i.e. for a friend? I've called Apple twice already and gotten conflicting info. The only thing I know for sure is that if you are a new customer you get the $199 for 16g. Also, there are various "discounted" prices offered on each carrier depending on how far along you are on your contract - AND - no one has clarified if I even choose this discounted price (in my case $449 on ATT) if I must renew on a 2 year. ANYONE get any good info??? And how come NONE of the rumor sites are publishing info on this???

  • Joe - 9 years ago

    I thought people hated AT&T?

  • Leah - 9 years ago

    OTHER! Unlocked + Simple Mobile = $$$$$$$ iphone love (albeit only EDGE speed, can't beat the price)

  • AlexMagik - 9 years ago

    unlocked :)
    i need it to work with any sim card (especially china mobile)

  • Marius - 9 years ago

    Chess - Norway

  • Fritz - 9 years ago

    I have never had an issue with AT&T where I live. I live outside of Indianapolis and I am planning to stay with AT&T. I really hope the merger goes through it will defiantly help out when I travel and I'm in BFE.

  • sfwrtr - 9 years ago

    Unlocked 4S

  • Sid - 9 years ago

    Unlocked. Vodafone- India.

  • ruzzzz - 9 years ago

    Babilon-Mobile, Tajikistan.

  • ruzzzz - 9 years ago

    Babilon-Mobile, Tajikistan.

  • Chevy14Man - 9 years ago

    You AT&T folk need to explain to me why you would ever decide to put up with their network. I can understand purchasing an iPhone from Sprint or Verizon, but with AT&T's network being as notoriously bad as it is, I don't see why you would bother with them.

  • codencis - 9 years ago

    Amaysim - AUSTRALIA! (PS anyone in Australia should get this. $40 only a month unlimited standard calls and unlimited standard texts + 4GB OF DATA!

  • jorge - 9 years ago

    Telcel Mexico

  • Michael A. Lowry - 9 years ago

    I plan to use my iPhone 4S on different carriers:
    Swisscom in Switzerland
    TELE2 in Sweden
    T-Mobile in the U.S.
    Vodafone in Germany.

  • Daniel M@eda - 9 years ago

    Mexico - Telcel .

    But ill wait until jailbreak for 4s shows up!

  • Antoine - 9 years ago

    Apple Wireless - When they take over all the telecoms.

  • Antonio - 9 years ago

    Claro - Peru

  • Dave - 9 years ago

    Telus - Canada

  • baldur - 9 years ago

    nova iceland

  • Jay - 9 years ago

    Should AT&T users expect the same dropped call rates on HSDPA+ or can they expect different level of reliability?

  • Frank - 9 years ago


  • Ikue - 9 years ago

    Really hoping they offer it as unlocked like its predecessor. None of those options are available in my country. :/

  • Max - 9 years ago

    Bell Mobility - Canada

  • Prousty - 9 years ago

    Sprint is the best choice. Verizon was a huge mistake for me.

  • Marius - 9 years ago

    NetCom - Norway :)

  • Tomek - 9 years ago

    Orange - Slovakia :) (hope you guys know where Slovakia is :) )

  • Kay - 9 years ago

    O2-Germany =)

  • Trinan - 9 years ago

    Haha, I wish, stupid australia doesn't have AT&T or Sprint or Verison.... How I envy you Americans..

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