Should marijuana be legal?


  • monica - 12 years ago

    I think that its the ADDICTIVE element and what that can do to ones mental and physical health that is so dangerous. For whatever reasons people use it...pleasure,past time,experimental...the consequences can be detrimental as we have seen in so many cases.
    And then there are those who may not have the maturity to understand the risks involved .
    I think it does much more damage than anything good.

  • idiosyncraticeye - 12 years ago

    If it affects your mental state then leave it well alone.

    Leave alone anything that is addictive for you is my view, nevermind dangerous, illegal etc.

    There's too much evidence to suggest that it completely alters, rewrites stuff in the brain leading to or increasing the risk of developing things like big scary mental health problems.

  • MazyFive - 12 years ago

    I selected the "I have no idea" option, because in a way I am on the fence. Yes, I have smoked pot a few times; five times to be exact. For me it has never led to anything bigger or scarier, but that's simply because I'm a sissy. I was even nervous & guilty about smoking pot. I feel that it is illegal, therefor should be avoided. I DO feel that with extended use there can be long term effects & I DO feel that it *could* be a gateway drug for the type of people who are willing to try anyway. But, then again, I also feel that way about cigarettes & especially alcohol (which technically are drugs). Basically, one risky act can easily lead to a slightly risker act, and so on...And this is why I personally am a sissy about it. I had some serious issues with alcohol before I ever experienced pot, so I knew that if I let myself, pot could easily become an issue as well. And I knew my own personality & figured that for me it could very well be a gateway it was best to just stay away from it.

    Now, there are plenty of folks out there that smoke pot on a regular basis & it doesn't hinder their jobs, relationships or lead to other drugs. For them, I don't think there's an issue & should be allowed to do what they want with their own bodies. From what I've seen & experienced it isn't any worse than alcohol. (It's just harder to regulate, so the government can't tax it like they can with least this is my thought on it.) So yes, I do flip-flop my standpoint on a daily basis. I think that if it ever does become legal, then there needs to be a great deal of education on it, just like there ought to be for cigarettes & alcohol so that *hopefully* some folks will have some sort of idea of what they will be getting themselves into when/if they do try it.

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