Can you tell a lot about someone from opening doors on dates?

  • Sterling - 9 years ago

    Man, I've been with my wife for about 5 years now, and that opening doors shit is just hit or miss with me. Sometimes I do sometimes I dont, plain and simple, if she gets to the door first and she dont open it for me, i aint gonna complain about it. Fuck chivalry man! woman cant get equal rights AND me being chivalry deez females got to pick one! I kno you feel me Rod UPTOP!

  • Mud Slinger - 9 years ago

    You cannot tell a damn thing from someone opening doors. Maxx Glenn opens doors for every just so he can sneak behind them and rape them. True story Rod. True story.

  • Delphrano - 9 years ago

    my 2 cents....
    u can't tell shit from openin' up no damn door.... the only thing i remember from the 100s of pussy ventures (dates) i've been on was...whether or not i got them panty drawls, and how much time & scratch i wasted on them yamps if i didn't, from the yamps point of view? they just remember that they got dicked down, they might recall if i supersized they meal...or i'm sure they remember if they got peaced the fuck out for not givin' up the panty reference to me openin' up a door? i'm sure NONE of them could recall if i did that shit or not.


  • Shareef - 9 years ago

    You really can't tell anything about that person's true self. You can train a saint or an asshole to do anything - it's what they'll use it for that matters.

  • Tatum - 9 years ago

    You know what... You right. T & A are pretty fantasic

  • Courtney - 9 years ago

    I was raise that a man should open doors for a lady. And Tatum, you are damn right I am trying to look at that ass. Us men like ass and titties.

  • Tatum - 9 years ago

    No. A person could be sincerely trying to help or be polite. But on the other hand they could be trying to get a better look a your backside.

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