What Upcoming Robert Pattinson Movie Are You Most Looking Forward to Seeing

  • janis honeycutt - 9 years ago

    breaking dawn--it's the end of the beginning

  • Michele - 9 years ago

    Good Morning Ladies,

    I'm really looking forward to Cosmopolis. I think it will be great to see Rob team up with David C. and apparently he, Mr. Cronenberberg, really pushed Rob to get a higher performance out of him. I think Rob is really talented, and to see him develop his craft with such an amazing director - I think it will be a win-win. I think you're always developing your craft no matter if you are an actor, writer, musician, so in no way is my statement negative on Rob's talent, and what he has achieved so far. I just think this will make him soar higher.

    Also, this is a bizaare story and, I think, a completely different type of role for Rob. I like off the wall, weird stories, (that's why I like Cronenberg). I'm also really looking forward to Bel Ami - again, different kind of story, (lots of SEX!) different character. But Rob & Cronenberg - if only Viggo were there too . . sigh, sigh.


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