Which movie should be Fogs' first stop on his tour of "Chick Flick City"?


  • Gelfxiii - 11 years ago

    I voted for Eat Pray Love, because I'm a malicious SOB, and I had to sit through it.

    (actually I had to sit through it because my Brother is the Prop master on the film and they paid for him to travel through India and Southern Asia for it, and he took my Niece and Nephew with him, and they actually appear in the film as extras, so it was in the order of a familial obligation for me. I slept through most of it, and my wife woke me for the wedding scene where the kids were, and the credits.)

  • Moondog - 11 years ago

    What about Beaches, the soporific tear jerker that gave us Wind Beneath My Wings and countless acidic mouth burps when we hear that titty ditty?

  • Tanks - 11 years ago

    Steel is the only thing I have seen.

    Love Actually (wait for xmas for that though)
    Notting Hill
    Four Weddings ...
    Music and Lyric
    Bridget Jones Diary

    I guess I have a thing for Hugh Grant

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