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  • Scott Smith - 10 years ago

    My most memorable large scale build would have to be my Tamiya 1/32 F-4J Phantom. I had built many "low budget" Revell/Monogram kits, but after getting reintroduced to the hobby after stumbling across LSP, I decided to take the plunge and find out what all the hype was about a kit that cost more than $25.
    Wow! What a difference between 1970's kits and modern CNC/Computer designed kits! I also "broke the bank" and discovered the joy of aftermarket decals! I'm now hooked on the finer kits available and have been stocking up on aftermarket accessories like there is no tomorrow!
    But I guess the bigger question is, where do I put all these built kits at?! Maybe time to donate to an R.O.T.C. class.

  • Doogs - 10 years ago

    Hey guys - thanks for the comments - but be sure to comment over in the main post, otherwise I can't count your entry!

  • gott_cha - 10 years ago

    My favorite build would have to be the Lindbergh MineSweeper. The kit is "rough" and flash ridden. With good documentation ,.scratching parts,...judicious use of aftermarket parts and PE

    The kit became The USS GARLAND (Admirable Class Mine Sweeper) My wifes Grandfather served aboard as 1st officer on that ship until he was assigned to teach at the Naval ASW school in NY in 44. Just across from the wharf.
    Interestingly in itself is that while he had enlisted in early 1939,..he was stationed at the NY harbour and his ship was berthed across the way from the New Fast BB being built there...she was BB55 USS North Carolina.
    Before this Fine Gentleman died I built him a 1/500 BB55 dio and had begun construction in the "Garland" Im sure If he was able to see "her" as it is now, he would delight in describing every detail on her decks and tell Many stories about their missions and how fine a ship she was.
    I have built other models for other veterans over the past couple of year and I must say that those builds have been the most rewarding of any. Remember,..take a kid fishing and build a model for a vet!

  • Mathias Conrad - 10 years ago

    My favorite build was a 1/48 Tamiya F4U-1 Corsair that I built for my late father-in-law as a Birthday present. He was an artist, so I thought I would pull out all the stops. It had an Aires set for the engine with the cowlings opened up/removed, a CMK cockpit set, & exposed gun bays with hatch mechanisms. It was painted & weathered to represent a PTO bird & had a custom base to display it on.

    When he received it there were practically tears in his eyes & he said, "this is for me?" He had it on display in his studio for several years until his passing.

    Looking at it now there are things that I would have done differently (better), but the look on his face was priceless. He inspected all the details & asked what type of paint I used & how I had achieved the weathering, etc.

    Over the years I have built a few more "Birthday presents" for family & friends & always enjoy
    the looks on their faces & answering questions about how things were done.


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