Which of the following issues disturb you the most?

  • Preena - 10 years ago

    I didn't vote for High poverty cause the other issues that has been mentioned results in increase in poverty.. So, once every other issues like corruption, standard of living, wages, etc improves, the level of poverty also decreases.
    India is really gud when it comes to education, but how to apply it and where to is a big question mark...

  • Kush Chandna - 10 years ago

    According to me, Indian Edcation System is something that should be reviewed first.

  • tej - 10 years ago

    i expected it it to top the poll ... while it is definitely a major concern don't you think issues like education and better administration/politics will slowly but surely resolve the problem of poverty and other issues we are discussing? focusing more on them will actually address the most of the problems at the root level and resolve such issues for ever(well almost because there will always be problems that'll challenge us)

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