Which candidate do you think will perform the best at CNN's debate on Tuesday at 8 p.m. ET?

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  • Larry - 8 years ago

    The reason that the media is so afraid of Ron Paul is because he is a threat to undo what Bill Clinton did by allowing the media to be controlled by the mega media corporations, ie. Rupert Murdoch andGeorge Soros. We don't want banks that are to big to fail and we should be concerned just as much about who controls the information we base our decisions on. If you look at the facts, if you checked out how many times the other candidates said one thing and did another you would be left with Ron Paul. Integrity has to become more of a major part of the decision process of who to support for the leader of our country. If you are supporting any of the other candidates ask yourself 1 question. How much of my families future am I willing to risk on the person I support doing what they said they would do? Now factor in a reluctant Congress and Senate and where do they stand now. I witnessed politics get so partisan in the last 20 yrs that the only things that got done were the things that the lobbyists wanted to get done. Ron Paul would not need to get congresses approval to bring our troops home. It would create jobs here in America for Americans and the wages would be spent on our local economies. We would still have a military that could respond to any situation. Our greatest threat right now is our economic downfall. I want to see my elected official show he cares more about me and my family than the rights of citizens of some other country. We have left our footprint on the soil of every continent and have no clue as to how we would feel if China was the world leader and it had bases all over the world. We need to develop a stronger policy towards using diplomacy as the means to talk to other nations. If we are less involved in world affairs it will make the whole world safer. We would be better just sitting back and smiling with a big club behind our back then waving it around to gain submission. All the other candidates with the exception of Jon Huntsman are Neocon warmongers and that the majority have never even served in the military. I'm a proud Veteran of the Cold War that served in Berlin, Germany and I support Ron Paul for president.

  • mike sutter - 8 years ago


  • Brian - 8 years ago


  • bert - 8 years ago

    Anyone else fapping to this

  • Wayne - 8 years ago

    Ron Paul is the only candidate that is not funded and controlled by the ruling elite. He is a man of the people and espouses clear and correct policies that address the very serious economic problems facing the U.S. Ron Paul understands monetary policy and the role that the Federal Reserve and fractional-reserve banking have played in the decline of the U.S. economy. As a Canadian, I am very envious that America has a Ron Paul, a man of principle and effective policies that are the envy of the world. Ron Paul is the hope of all mankind.

  • alberto romero - 8 years ago

    Just donated, we can do this, pls donate whatever you can!
    RON PAUL 2012

  • Jacob - 8 years ago

    Attention Anderson Cooper:

    When the media covers the other candidates, they use objective comments like: "Herman Cain's 999 plan would raise taxes on 84 percent, study shows" or "Fellow Republicans have criticized Romney because the healthcare plan he helped develop in Massachusetts became a model for Democratic President Barack Obama's healthcare law."

    However, if the media covers Ron Paul at all, they always throw in an opinion, like this one today: "In broad terms, Paul (whose chances of making it to the White House are beyond remote) would force Americans to confront their contradictions by slicing $1 trillion from the budget in his first year in office."

    In case you aren't tracking with me, I'm referencing the (parentheses).

    If you are an objective journalist, I think you should call this out.

    Take care, Jacob Schans

    P.S. You forgot to allow Ron Paul a closing statement last night.

  • MadMax - 8 years ago

    To believe that Ron Paul's victory is a long shot, or that he has no chance (as indicated by the above intellectual midget Gill King ) in spite of all standard indicators that directly contradict this claim is to throw out all norms with which we follow our nation's politics -- and that is a huge thing to do. The only way it can be done honestly is to present another set of contradictory reasons or metrics that are collectively more powerful than all those that you are rejecting. I am yet to find them.

  • Kevin Delosreyes - 8 years ago

    Intellectually, pawning people is what Ron Paul does for a living. He gets paid for it.

  • roadtoserfdom - 8 years ago

    This race is much more in tune with the actual needs of the American people because of Dr. Paul.

    Whether you agree with him or not, think of the issues he's brought to the debate that would have never been brought up with out him:

    *monetary policy
    *The Federal Reserve
    *States Rights
    *free markets
    *civil liberties
    *war & the desire for peace
    *government regulation
    *executive power abuse
    *media censorship
    *limited government
    *fuzzy government math
    *Neo-Conservativism vs. true Conservatism
    *property rights
    *contract enforcement
    *Austrian economics
    *the Constitution
    *citizen assassination
    *declaration of war
    *central economic planners
    *Greenspan & Bernake
    *importance of rule of law
    *the gold standard
    *divine rights not government granted rights
    *the American Empire
    *negative economic impact of perpetual war
    *American Political History
    *the Patriot Act

    That's just off the top of my head.

    Can anyone think of anything other then repealing Obamacare & 999 that anyone else has brought to the table? Think hard.

    Who really has anything to say?

    This is the Ron Paul show. He is the people's President.

  • perlstar - 8 years ago

    I think there is something wrong with this poll. Maybe the results have been rigged!

    Ron Paul should have more than 92%. Are you sure that fans of other candidates aren't voting more than once?

  • SaggyWheels - 8 years ago

    Generally vote Dem but will likely pass my vote for Paul if possible. If you republicans don't do what you can to get him the nomination, I just dont know... He is clearly the only R candidate with a chance to beat Obama and the only one that is true to what he says. If here were 15 years younger this wouldn't be in question, he would have the nomination, IMO.

  • Appliantologist - 8 years ago

    What? No "Paulbot" accusations yet?

    We are all Ron Paul, We are legion lol

  • steevo - 8 years ago

    CNN is owned by time warner. Time warner pretty much owns every station on tv plus a number of magazines and websites. Free press my ass.... Jeffrey L. Bewkes is chairman and CEO of time warner. Mr. Bewkes, I dare you to tell the truth about Dr. Paul. If you dont, you are admitting to the world that you like to have sex with aids infected monkeys and various other animals..... WAKE UP AMERICA!

  • Ex-Obombya Fan - 8 years ago

    Changing my registration party to red so I can vote for Ron Paul.

    Obombya will lose his anti-war anti-bailout supporters that are frustrated already with hollow suit in WH.

    Prez might get his Jewish support back if RP is nominee ?
    RP would give USA credibility and open debate on taboo subjects in DC which favor big gov't, Israel Likud war forever party, Pentagon, Halliburton, tyranny, FEMA control, banksters, foreign lobbys like AIPAC.

  • Ex-Obombya Fan - 8 years ago

    Changing my registration party to red so I can vote for Ron Paul.

    Obombya will lose his anti-war anti-bailout supporters that are frustrated already with hollow suit in WH.

    Prez might get his Jewish support back if RP is nominee ?
    RP would give USA credibility and open debate on taboo subjects in DC which favor big gov't, Israel Likud war forever party, Pentagon, Halliburton, tyranny, FEMA control, banksters, foreign lobbys like AIPAC.

  • MIRIN JOBRA - 8 years ago


  • Jaymes P - 8 years ago

    Ron Paul has my vote guaranteed.

  • PJ - 8 years ago

    People have stopped falling for the lies. Cain is an ex Federal Reserve chairman, which would be like voting for Ben Bernanke. Do you take all of the American public for fools? Don't get fooled again. Vote for Ron Paul. He is the only constitutionalist up there, with a clear record of 30 years of sticking to the same policy...following the constitution.

    Ask the other candidates if their policies strictly follows the constitution. What would there answer be?

    We either return to the constitution, or we fall. This is our last chance.

  • Corey - 8 years ago

    @Brian...this poll only allows for voting once. you can test it your self. Paul Supporters are just better organized then any other candidates supporters, hence the reason he not only wins most, if not all of the online polls, but wins most of the Straw Polls.

  • R.J. Rockwell - 8 years ago

    I support Ron Paul he will get us out of Afghanistan, he will get us out of Pakistan, he will get us out of Iraq, he will get us out of Yemen, he will get us out of Somalia, he will get rid of our 900 overseas bases.

    Ron Paul will get rid of the Federal Reserve, which has been printing money without restriction, causing inflation to skyrocket, and burdening American citizens.

    He will cut 1 trillion dollars in spending in the first year of his Presidency by eliminating useless departments and making cuts to wasteful ones. Moreover, by the end of his Presidency, Ron Paul will balance our budget.

    I am an aspiring entrepreneur and a middle class American, and I am voting Ron Paul.

  • Brian - 8 years ago

    Wow, it's funny how Ron Paul people organize to spam message boards and show up with signs. You are just as loony as Paul. CNN won't mention this poll because they have already found out about the spam job organized for this poll and the multiple posts from the same people using different user names.

  • Chris Halton - 8 years ago

    Anderson Cooper... please have Ron Paul on your show so that he can tell you why he is the most electable candidate running and why he will DESTROY Obama's chances at re election! YOU DIDN'T LET HIM ANSWER THE QUESTION AT THE DEBATE!!!

  • Andrew - 8 years ago

    You want to talk about getting of our current deficit... Ron Paul's economic plans to cut 1 trillion dollars out through cuts in unnecessary foreign aid spending, bureaucracy funding, and entitlement spending. You don't get any bigger than that with these other candidates. Ron Paul has always and will have my vote come the day of the primaries. I enjoy my personal/civil liberties, limited government, and a free market without heaps of government regulation. How about you? Voting for Obama would be literally sawing off the rest of this nation's head that climaxed back in 2008.

  • TREX - 8 years ago

    You rig the time allowed for Ron Paul questions. Why? You look a lot like foxnews. How come? We know the answers to that. But great stage, smoke and mirrors, all that stuff.

    RON PAUL 2012.

  • Justin, KY - 8 years ago

    I've been flipping through the political channels for the last hour and NOTHING has been said about Ron Paul, not one word good or bad. Oh wait I just watch a frontrunner poll on MSNBC where Paul was in third but they skipped to Bachman in fourth. WTF, anyway I'm glad to watch mainstream cause it's great comedy where these people who are wannabe experts materialize themselves into massive idiots.

    What a crock. Ron Paul will make it to the primaries this time so he will be fierce competition where last time he dropped out so they didn't have to worry about him.

  • Chop - 8 years ago

    I have to agree with every comment in the last several hours. Kudos to Tony, Eric, Jules, Donald, Ryan, Rene, Eli, Chuck, etc... You guys have said it all. Not a single word post debate about Dr. Paul. Tomorrow, we will Black This Out! In 2012, we will all vote to get our country back. Ron Paul 2012!

  • Drew Anderson - 8 years ago

    Ron Paul!

  • Tony Woodside - 8 years ago

    I absolutely love this Ron Paul ad that's been playing all day on CNN http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uKFM1UaUVn8

  • Tony Woodside - 8 years ago

    Ron Paul owned the debate tonight!!! I like that he actually got to talk a lot more in tonight's debate than in previous ones. Ron Paul 2012 - Black This Out!!!

  • donald - 8 years ago

    He will win every online poll, but the media will continue to black him out. We have something for you to try and black out, be ready for it tomorrow. www.blackthisout.com

    Oh yeah, he owned every question on the stage tonight. Now you have Newt, Mitt, and Perry taking Dr. Pauls talking points. We the people are not stupid! We know who the front runner is!

  • ryan - 8 years ago


  • jules - 8 years ago

    Ignored in the post debate....typical....they even interviewed WAYNE NEWTON and not Ron Paul......doesnt matter anymore.........were comin for em

  • ERIC - 8 years ago


  • Rene - 8 years ago

    Anderson Cooper is a bit of tool! Completely black listed any comments about Ron Paul post the debate. The man actually mentioned every candidate and left out Ron Paul who not only dominated the First half of the debates but won CNN's own Poll by 85%. Yet he catches Herman Cain being hypocritical second guessing his own statements allowing him the opportunity afterwards to speak but does not mention the ideologically consistent 12 Term Congressman Constitutionalist who continuously schooled the group getting kudos from his own opponenets. AC360 just lost massive points.

  • Justin, KY - 8 years ago

    Ron Paul clearly won this debate. Perry and Romney bickering like children was really unappealing. Cain reminded me of a used car salesman. Ginrich had some good moments but usually just to make other candidates look good. Santorum was a bully as usual and Bachman didn't have much of anything of value to say although she does seem genuine in what she says.

    Why does the media ignore other candidates and spotlight Perry, Romney and Cain? Well they are the easiest to puppetize. Obama had some good ideas but folded quickly to the establishment. Ron Paul has shown over and over again that he has the backbone to not bend over and take it up the rear from the establishment. Time to stand up.

    I live in KY and getting Rand Paul was a giant leap forward for us as a state. Ron Paul would make it one term, then Rand Paul would run to keep the family in office. Rand Paul is younger and can run multiple terms under his fathers instruction.

    Go Ron Paul 2012! He only didn't win in 2008 cause Fox barred him so he quit. He will make it to the primaries this time so WATCH OUT!

  • Samuel - 8 years ago

    I found it comical how Anderson Cooper asked of Dr. Ron Paul's opinion last, pertaining to health-care. No mention of him in the post-debate. There is an absolutely remarkable amount of media influence in this race. Down with the status-quo; up with the truth. Ron Paul is America's only hope. Vote for honesty, vote for Ron Paul.

    Peace, Liberty, and Freedom

  • NoahT - 8 years ago

    Ron Paul beats Obama handily, nuff said.

  • Clint R - 8 years ago

    Ron Paul kicked a$% up there tonight. I usually don't vote in these as anytime Paul wins the media just ignores them but this time I was blown away. Paul the only intelligent man up there.

  • zadoc - 8 years ago

    Don't forget to vote in this poll too!

    POLL: Who won the debate?
    Vote: http://www.wepolls.com/p/4136260

  • matt - 8 years ago

    Everyone who voted this watched the DEBATE! And Guess who wins? RON PAUL DOES Yet Anderson and CNN totally skipped Ron Paul and Santorum in the LAST Question! CNN and Anderson Cooper should be ashamed of what they are doing! Ron Paul is the only candidate who is not a terrorist! And CNN is a terrorist TV station, they prove it to me every night when they don't report on actual news! U want real news, UNEDITED UNCUT you go online! You would think on Cable TV a company like CNN would have the audacity to speak truth! But then again, WHO OWNS CNN and we all know CNN would benefit from having a Terrorist as a president while the 99 percent of us will not benefit from the crap that CNN puts on TV. Its not Coopers fault but it is at the same time because sometimes showing you have morals is worth more than your job title!

  • Kathy Moccia - 8 years ago

    I see very few comments here, but lot's of votes. I too support the only candidate who stands for the UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION, Liberty and American Freedom. Look at the numbers of contributions from the ACTIVE DUTY MILITARY: All the candidates combined do not even match the donations to the RON PAUL CAMPAIGN. That alone should tell you our troops themselves are ready to come home. The war in Afghanistan is costing the American public $12 MILLION DOLLARS PER HOUR!

  • Kevin - 8 years ago

    @Gill King Nice talking points. Keep parroting that propaganda and we will just keep ignoring it like we do the bias media. Truth is, Ron Paul, before the debates even started this year, won the vote of the Republican National Chair once again as being the best republican candidate for president. Thats coming from the top. I don't listen to the drones at Faux news and the other corrupt media. I listen to what the candidates say versus what their voting records are, and make up my mind for myself instead of being a sheep like you obviously are. You are a bahhhhhd American!

  • James Bearden - 8 years ago

    I do not claim a political party, but Ron Paul gets my vote as he is not your average Republican. The other candidates are just wasting their time. This will be a 1 vs 1 election: Ron Paul vs Barack Obama. The mainstream media is no longer controls us. The people should not fear their government, the government should fear their people.

  • ThomasRoosevelt - 8 years ago

    I don't understand Ron Paul. I understand his masses of supporters even less.

    That's why it bothers me so much to say - I was hoping it wouldn't come to this, but after seeing Ron Paul's budget plan that was just released... he now has my vote.

    I know, I know... heresy. But his plan makes sense. Cain's plan SOUNDS good and has a catchy name, until you look at the details. Romney's plan looks like the fox's proposed plan for guarding the hen house.

    I can't believe I'm saying it, but, Ron Paul is who we need in the White House in 2012 to straighten out our economy. After that job is done, we can give the White House back to a normal president.

  • Micah - 8 years ago

    I am will obviously vote for Ron Paul, but i must say although not perfect, I think if Newt Gingrich won the nomination, i could allow myself to vote for him over President Obama. He is by far the smartest of the other candidates (besides Dr. Paul of course). Although, If anyone besides Paul or Gingrich wins the nomination i will be writing Ron Paul in.

  • Matt - 8 years ago

    Ron Paul just put out a great economic plan, lets just hope CNN is reading these comments and asks Dr. Paul more that 2 questions during this debate.

    The mainstream media can try to block him out but the internet has given us a great alternative to their corporate programming.

  • AJ - 8 years ago

    Ron Paul is the only name on this list that has a proven track record of putting this country ahead of the power elite. That is why the media power is afraid of him and doing its' best to reduce his chance of success. This country cannot continue on the current path of trying to become a third world country. We, the people, must vote for the person that will change the path we are on. We cannot continue to elect people that are influenced by the established power elite. We have to change course with this election. The only sure choice is Ron Paul!


  • Andrew - 8 years ago

    Dr. Ron Paul 2012! Yes, We the People ask that the good Dr. get his fair share of unbiased questions at tonights debate. I know you can you here us Anderson Cooper? Thank you in advance

  • Eric - 8 years ago

    Ron Paul is the only real choice here, we must preserve the nation, protect the people and enforce the constitution not step all over these like all the other candidates would including our current president. WE'VE HAD ENOUGH!

  • Cody K - 8 years ago

    RON PAUL 2012 and at this moment he is winning at 80% block this comment CNN!

  • Elijah - 8 years ago


    If that is true about CNN showing Ron Paul at 3% when it in reality its 74%+.. I am not surprised. I notice a lot of media has been avoiding him, or cutting editing his speech time down.
    If you watch the John Stewart Youtube video where he talks about this, you'll see how ridiculous it is.

    As far as the majority of America knowing about Ron Paul. I really don't think so. Unfortunately the majority of America relies on these media channels for their information, and if Ron Paul keeps getting hidden, the majority will only see who shows up on their TV screens.

  • Chuck - 8 years ago

    Typical CNN crap today! I was just watching the Newsroom for a few minutes and they show Dr. Paul at 3% when clearly he is winning this poll by a land slide! With the exception of a few haters here or there who have no idea what their talking about, all of the comments are positive.

    The vast majority of American's know what you're doing CNN, Fox, NBC, and it's not going to fly!

  • Eli - 8 years ago

    The polls don't show all of the ex-Obama supporters who are registering republican to vote for Paul in the primaries and caucuses. We're organizing and are going to take the party by storm.

  • kyle - 8 years ago

    kirby the war in the middle east is killing us!!! we are losing lifes, 3 billion dollars a day to keep that war going, we need to focus on restoring america right now...... lets say in 10 years we get out of debt and were doing good economically then i wouldn't care what we done in the middle east, but when 9.5% of americans doesnt have a job then screw that.... get shit straighten out on our home land first, speaking of home land what about mexicos drug cartels killing people, forcing people for labor, why not go to war to mexico? its south of us, hell the drug cartels kill more people in one day than the war causes in a month.. ok what about in the states, i live in stl i see a murder on the news everyday i wake up for work, sometimes 2,3 sometimes more..... we need to focus strongly on us for right now

  • krby - 8 years ago

    Ron Paul is totally unelectable as President. He will be 77 years old on election day. He is the one candidate that would make Obama look youthful, energetic, and egads presidential.

    Ron Paul has a disastrous foreign policy. Let Iran have nukes?!?! Let Israel handle the Middle East? That is a recipe for war right there.

    Oh, Congressman Paul, how many earmarks have you added and supported over your tenure? You say that you haven't done any, but IIRC there are several dozen that you have done...

    Please Congressman Paul, you said that you were retiring, please do so. You are leading these Paulbots down a road of false hope.


    Cain 2012

  • mike - 8 years ago

    Ron Paul is the only choice to take our country back from these corrupt bankers that have sucked the life out this once great nation!!! RON PAUL 2012

  • Guy - 8 years ago

    As an U.S. Army veteran I have sworn an oath to defend the Constitution, and the only candidate that I believe is defending it with us is Representative Ron Paul.

    "I, _____, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same;

  • Gabe - 8 years ago

    Ron Paul has my vote, he is the only candidate that is trustworthy, 30 years of stability and consistency. Not to mention has has been 100% correct on predicting every financial crisis YEARS before they happened. If you look at Ron Paul and cant understand he has the best interest of the Nation and its people at heart, that he understands how our financial system works better than any other politician... It just makes sense, its undeniable. If you're stuck on voting based on party, then you truly don't value america and want to see it succeed.

  • lovemesomeronpaul - 8 years ago

    And the people speak yet again. Ron Paul is well in the lead. I agree and hope that he is given an equal amount of time as the supposed "front runners." The man has earned it, CNN. Let him speak.

    We are with you, Dr. Paul!

    Ron Paul 2012

  • Melissa - 8 years ago

    Ron Paul had my vote in '08 and he'll have my vote in 2012!

    Restore America! Ron Paul 2012!

  • Frank Mineo - 8 years ago

    Ron Paul!

    To all major news networks: The more you censor and patronize Dr. Paul, the more you motivate us! So keep up the good work and continue to fuel us!


  • Chris - 8 years ago

    Ron Paul has won my vote. None of the other candidates have even come close.

  • Robin - 8 years ago

    I will vote for Paul even if I have to write him in. No vote for principle is a wasted vote. It would be a waste for me to vote for some other "republican" candidate who in practice will be indistinguishable from Obama anyway.

  • PSH - 8 years ago

    It would be nice if the media would report the news and not try to influence public opinion. Perhaps the results of this poll will force the news stations to stop ignoring Ron Paul. He's an excellent candidate. Those who do their own research see it. That is why his supporters are so passionate.

    To an intelligent person who thinks for themselves, any reporters who ignore this only appears as a biased puppet who will loose my attention. Unless the media starts REPORTING FAIRLY, a public boycott of certain national news channels may be needed.

  • Pojo458 - 8 years ago

    Ron Paul

    his budget makes sense, and his choice of allowing the states decide democratically sounds like a great idea to get rid of distractions.

  • Evangeline - 8 years ago

    I hope and PRAY this debate gives more equal time to the candidates. I am so sick of the media only giving time to the "frontrunners." Ron Paul has won the California Straw Poll, the Los Angeles Straw Poll, the NH Straw Poll and the Voters value Straw poll. I would imagine THOSE ACCOMPLISHMENTS would make CNN to give Dr. Paul more time. Or do the people of the once free USA have to accept that the mainstream media picks the president for us. Personally I do NOT accept that. How about some fairness?

  • Chuck - 8 years ago

    Grow a pair for once tonight Anderson and stand up to your holders at CNN. Ask Ron Paul just as many questions as you do of Romney, Cain and Perry. It's the right thing to do! What's the worst that could happen?

    It's in everyone's best interest to let the cards fall where they may be and allow the people of this country decide who the next president is...not the corporations!

  • Helena - 8 years ago

    Dear CNN and Anderson Cooper,

    Black this out RON PAUL 2012.....70% of the votes at the moment i posted this

  • Pete G - 8 years ago

    Ron Paul is the only candidate that will restore this country to fiscal sanity. The other Republicans have made peace with the insane budget deficits and incessant warmongering. Ron Paul will actually make a difference.

  • Cornwalice - 8 years ago

    @Gill King, if you think Dr. Ron Paul is a "kook", then you think Thomas Jefferson is a kook too, since their positions on important national policies are highly correlated. I have read a lot of what TJ and RP have to say, and they both make a lot of sense to me. TJ also made many predictions of how our nation's health would degrade if we made certain key mistakes. We have made those mistakes and our nation's health is degenerating as he predicted. Go read TJ's works and you will see what I am talking about... there are too many to list here.

    I am voting for Dr. Ron Paul because he is the kind of Jeffersonian-style leader we need to help get our nation off the rocks and back into open water. A vote for the right person is NEVER a waste of your vote, regardless of anyone's assessment of their likelihood of winning. The only truly wasted vote is one for someone you don't really want elected, but you voted for them anyway because they represent an implicit vote AGAINST someone else. THAT attitude amongst the electorate is part of why our nation is in such a quagmire.

  • Kelley D - 8 years ago

    RON PAUL 2012! The only candidate who doesn't flip-flop on topics AND the only one who has a clear cut plan of how to get this country back on track!

    Too bad AC will black him out and just won't reveal the results of this poll...stupid LIBERAL media black out!!!

  • mike sutter - 8 years ago


  • Benn - 8 years ago


  • Carol - 8 years ago

    I am for Ron Paul and I am not ashamed of it nor am I belong to the"wasted vote" idiocy as Michelle stated that us Ron Paul supporters are. I do not feel that we are wasting our votes and I do not see where she gets of saying those things. And by the way, I don't see who she's voting for. Are you ashamed to say Michelle, because we Ron Paul voters definitely are not ashamed to say that we are voting for him and do not feel it is a wasted vote.

  • Jeremy Blake - 8 years ago

    Doesnt matter what we think anyway. When Paul comes out on top of this poll you will black him out, just as all the others have.

  • Dez Thrill - 8 years ago

    My votes for Ron. He's the only candidate I have ever seen in my life that actually practices what he preaches.

  • Joseph Fogarty - 8 years ago

    Truly a plan to restore America: http://www.ronpaul2012.com/the-issues/ron-paul-plan-to-restore-america/

  • Todd - 8 years ago

    Well, I voted Ron Paul because he rarely stutters--has a clear idea of what he's going to say well before he speaks, and typically cites his sources and where he's pulling his information from.
    Other candidates don't always know what they're trying to say and refuse to say, "I don't have an opinion on that." Many of them cite "sources" which are hypothetical and unproven lines of reasoning.
    So, yeah, Ron Paul will perform the best in the debate--whether or not people will listen to him is another matter.

  • A Sane Voter - 8 years ago

    I wish Ron Pauls WASN'T so un-electable... What you mean he has been elected before? That DOES explain why he is in congress and has been in there for 12 terms. So Gill King(and others like you) please for the reputation of people that are into politics, shhh...
    Also Herman Cain has no money because people are donating to him, because sir, because HE is the kook.

  • Question to everyone on stage: According to the non-partisan fact checking website Politifact Dr. Ron Paul receives the most military donations. Why does Dr. Ron Paul receive more donations from individual American active duty soldiers than the rest of you and President Obama combined? In other words why do our troops support Ron Paul more than you and what can you do to improve your relationship with our soldiers? Here's the proof. http://www.politifact.com/texas/statements/2011/jul/23/ron-paul/ron-paul-says-members-military-have-given-him-far-/

  • Drag - 8 years ago

    RON PAUL 2012! Let's vote for freedom!

  • jt - 8 years ago

    Dr. Ron Paul

  • eric - 8 years ago

    DR. ron paul 2012!

  • kyle - 8 years ago

    ron paul has a plan better than 9-9-9 better than romneys plan, better than everyones plan, this country needs to cut spending!!!!!!! we cut a trillion dollars in a year then we just have 15 more years to go until we are done with our debt.... i love his plan on solar power, we dont need nucler power, we NEED SOLAR PANELS!!!!! create a job line IN AMERICA to create solar panels.... i love ron paul on forien aid. although if i was running president i would state to each country that we give money to they must buy our goods in order for us to give them money, see here where we sell products around the world thats MORE JOBS!!!! more jobs mean more tax money going into the country.... i would also say my tax plan would be 3-6-9.... 3% tax on poor 6% tax on the middle class and 9% tax on the rich... i do no get it why its good to tax the poor and middle class and leave no taxes to the rich. it is just stupid... a person making 25,000 a year would spend alot more money on goods if they wernt taxed as much, less taxes for the poor, they buy more products, meaning more sales tax for the country and more jobs being produced, more jobs produced MORE TAX MONEY!!!! its a cycle and this cycle is fucked up.... i also have another thing we could do, instead of giving money to other countries, tell them we will fix anything they need like roads buildings ext, we send workers over there fix there shit, 1/4 of the workers from that country... that would create jobs while workers can fix our roads and buildings, and create a HUGE employment rate along with a HUGE tax money increase from the workers....

  • tim - 8 years ago

    Lets see, of the 12 comments, 11 support Ron Paul and one declares that he is unelectable.


  • Michelle - 8 years ago

    re: "You Paul supporters are wasting your votes!"

    I often wonder why apparently sane people parrot the silly "wasted vote" meme.

    People who speak of wasting votes clearly do not understand the concept of voting or of conscience.

    John Quincy Adams said it best, I think, when he said, "Always vote for principle, though you may vote alone, and you may cherish the sweetest reflection that your vote is never lost."

    It seems to me that a "wasted vote" would be a vote for a candidate you know does not represent your own beliefs and principles. A "wasted vote" would be a vote for someone you know will not lead the country in the way it should go.

    While I certainly believe that all people are entitled to be sheeplike, silly, or just plain wrong, I would hope that more people actually educate themselves before voting or even before passing on silliness like the "wasted vote" idiocy.

  • Jr - 8 years ago

    If anyone missed his economic plan yesterday you should go find it, this is the only plan by any of the candidates to actually address and fix the problem we are facing. Amazing!

  • Allison - 8 years ago

    RON PAUL 2012!

    Take the blinders off folks, this is the real deal!

    Let's Restore America, bring our troops HOME! End the illegal wars, audit the FED.

    Its time to rebuild, and Ron Paul is the only one who stands out above the rest!

  • Jordan Bourne - 8 years ago

    I'm tired of the status quo. We need something different. Ron Paul and his libertarian beliefs are exactly what America is missing. I'm voting for the American people and our country in 2012, so I'm voting for Ron Paul.

  • Justin, KY - 8 years ago

    @Gill King - You seem to know something we don't about how the voting process works. Please enlighten us on how it's a sham. People like you provide no clear explanations or evidence as to why Ron Paul should not be voted for, you only say that he should not.

    Go get a life and stop trying to help destroy America with your uneducated rhetoric! If you don't like Paul that's fine but you cannot deny what he says makes the most sense otherwise you've lost your marbles.

    Anyway, I hope people like him don't destroy this great nation. Life is meant to be cherished and we can't do that if we have to continue looking over our shoulders for unconstitutional policing and checking our wallets every time at the pump.

    FYI a little update: Police were checking for immigrants in an Austin public park by trying to get you to allow them to search your car! That's where we are at in history. No Ron Paul means the tyranny circle keeps going round 'n' round.

  • Gill King - 8 years ago

    You Paul supporters are wasting your votes! He is a national kook and has absolutely no chance to win the Republican nomination. He's just wasting his time and ours by even participating in the debates.
    The only thing keeping Cain from winning is that he has no money to finance the campaign through to the end.
    Any one of the debating candidates is not only favored over obongo, but will destroy him in 2012!

  • James - 8 years ago

    After Ron Paul's press conference where he unveiled his "Restore America Now Plan" today, and after looking at everyone else's economic plan, I gotta say if you aren't voting for Paul, your ears and eyes aren't open yet. He has the entire SPECIFIC 11-page plan, with actual dollar amounts over 4 years in black and white, with no trickery. How's that for transparency.

    Seriously, if you are on the fence about who to vote for in the primary, go to www.ronpaul.com and look at the .pdf document of his plan. It knocks 9-9-9 out of the water because it is specific and truly transparent, and there are no hidden loopholes or tricks like Romney's 54(?)-point plan for the economy. He doesn't sugar-coat it when he says yes, it's gonna be a rough few years getting out of this recession, but that's what happens when you are over 14-Trillion Dollars in debt! Extreme times call for some pretty tough choices to be made. The other candidates want to dance around that and let you know everything is gonna be all sunshine and rainbows. Negative. With the amount of debt we have, EVERYONE is gonna have to pull their weight, even the POTUS. Ron Paul is taking a HUGE pay cut if he is elected, vowing to cut his pay down to a little under $40K a year. And even the haters have to agree, with his voting record, you can definitely take him at his word and NO other candidate would DARE take money out of their own pocket to help.

  • Doug - 8 years ago

    After looking at each candidate, my choice has come down to Ron Paul.

  • Joemely - 8 years ago

    Ron Paul is the only choice to restore our country.

    We are done with these WARS!
    We are done with the LIES in DC!
    We are done with BAILOUTS!
    We are done with CORRUPTION!

    Ron Paul, the honest one that sticks to principles.

    The only one that cares about his country and our freedom.

    Ron Paul 2012! Vote for Peace and Freedom!

  • Manny Maniam - 8 years ago

    Newt Gingrich - The Walking Google. The Brilliant man that can take on Obama with finger tips.

  • knw - 8 years ago

    Ron Paul is the only name on this list that has a proven track record of putting this country ahead of the power elite. That is why the media power is afraid of him and doing its' best to reduce his chance of success. This country cannot continue on the current path of trying to become a third world country. We, the people, must vote for the person that will change the path we are on. We cannot continue to elect people that are influenced by the established power elite. We have to change course with this election. The only sure choice is Ron Paul!

  • gmk - 8 years ago

    any one of those in your poll would be better than what is in the WH as of right now!!

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