Staples Wreckers? Staples Minutemen? Pick 'em!


  • Tom Wall - 11 years ago

    Ah, the "Minutemen" or the "Wreckers".

    Prior to Paul Lane retiring from his teaching and coaching position at Staples, the teams were known as the "Minutemen" sometimes sporting logo's that were similar to the beloved statue of the "Minuteman" or logos of the revolutionary period. ( I actually have a Staples girls basketball warm up jacket that has a cannon logo on it).
    There was even at one point a "Minuteman" decal provided for the football teams helmets. Under Coach Lane the football team won championships in '64, '67 and '75. Interestingly though, even while the "Minuteman" was the "logo", at every football game in the mid-sixties to late sixties there was always a tow truck there, down on the old cinder track!! "the Wrecker" was always provided by Tony's Gulf, hence the question was always there; Minutemen or Wreckers? After Coach Lane's departure the football team and high school went through a mascot identity crisis. Around 1979 -80 we (those of us working with Staples Athletics) were interested in helping the school (that was also in re-constructive transition at the time) create a logo that everyone would connect with. That is when the "Wrecker" appeared. After getting the approval of Principal George Cohen and Athletic Director Bob Byiteck, "The Wrecker " came into his own. The big burly, muscle bound guy, sporting a hard hat, sledge hammer and wrecking bar, stepping through our beloved "Block S".
    There have been many changes to the "Wrecker" since his birth, in 1980, however since that time the schools athletic teams have been known by only one name "The Wreckers" and interestingly enough both the men's and women's teams have achieved unparalleled success in athletics since then. "The Staples Wrecker's", just the sound of those words,
    makes you proud to be a "Stapleite". Think about it, ever hear of another mascot named "Wrecker", it is unique to Staples, it is unique to Westport. Both very unique places.
    I am proud to have been the person that introduced "The Wrecker". I am proud to have worn the logo of the "Minuteman" in the late '60's. I am proud of my Staples Heritage!! I am so proud of my families Staples heritage.
    We were the Minutemen, we were and now are the Wreckers, it is a part of our Staples lore!!
    Let it remain a wonderful discussion for those of us that were lucky enough to attend such a great school. But for me, and yes I am biased, let it be: "The STAPLES WRECKERS", it has meant so much for so many in the recent past and the name "STAPLES WRECKERS" currently means: the best in academics and athletics, and always will!!

    Just remember!!! The Staples football team did wreck the 1939 Norwalk HS football season by defeating a then undefeated team, but then, don't ever forget: Didn't the "Minutemen" "Wreck" the surprise raid on Danbury by the Red Coats on that April day in 1777!!!

    You go!! You GO Minutemen!!! You GO Wreckers!! Live on forever!!

    Tom Wall

  • Sean Doyle - 11 years ago

    Keep the Wreckers, change the logo to the Minuteman.

  • Bob Kyle - 11 years ago

    If Paul Lane is for it then I'm for it. Let it be the Minutemen!!

  • DSAbrams - 11 years ago

    Seems to me they were called the minute men before they were called the wreckers. Folks liked the wreckers because they thought the minute men was too whimpy a name. They played whimy football too. Now when they are playing great football seems to me they can be called anything they want. Winning is like that.

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