What Candidate won the Las Vegas GOP Presidential Debate?

Posted 7 years.


  • Scott - 7 years ago

    Ron Paul has be consistent as far back as the seventies. if there is video footage prior to that, I guarantee you he would be consistent there as well. Did anyone notice how the media, the newspapers and the other politicians either ignore him, laugh at him, or just no take him seriously. And do you know why? Because they are all too afraid...want to know why? Because they know he is the one that will end the rich becoming richer while the rest of the world waits for what's left to "trickle down" to us. We are like a group of savages in a cage...fighting for every "scrap" the elitists throw to us.
    I don't want to be rich...what I do want is for my middle-class income to provide me with a middle-class lifestyle (once again). I remember when 40-60k per household was more than enough to live comfortably. Now...it is barely enough to pay the bills—which btw have only increased even without new debts. Wtf is going on. We the people have let politician split us down the middle. Right vs. Left. Fuck this...I for one am tired of it. I am aware. I see through the illusion. There is plenty of info (empirical) out there. Educate yourself...bc no one else will. Oh...and turning on the tv and watching politics is not educating yourself! Most of the time you are listening and even subliminally absorbing their bias' and opinions. VOTE RON PAUL...for one simple reason: Because he is the type "they" don't want us to vote for. Right there—that should tell you everything you need. Ask yourself this: why do they try to black him out and pretend he is either "crazy" or just plain doesn't exist. He will bring change. He has been talking about this stuff for a very long time. Look at the work he did with the late Aaron Russo about the IRS and the FED. Look at Woodrows Wilson's apology for signing the federal reserve act. Fuck...just...whatever you do people, pay attention. If we do not get Ron Paul in office, and if Obama gets ousted by one of these other two-faced assclowns...we are seriously fucked! If this becomes our reality...I hope you have a LOT of firearms. Because there will be a total economic collapse and things will get crazier than you have ever seen. Think people...if not for your own sake, then for your childrens!!!! (FYI: I am a life long liberal saying to vote for the republican {libertarian} Ron Paul. Just so you don't confuse me with someone that has a party in this.)

    Follow me on Facebook: Neither one of me is schizophrenic, GROUP.

    RON PAUL 2012

  • Noe - 7 years ago

    Hum, Dr. Paul sounding solid with the economy but "crazy" with foreign policy. Really! You know what's "crazy", the idea that we can invade other sovereign countries, act like we are the victims when they threaten or condemn our actions, give foreign aid to tyrants, believe that Israel is our "greatest" ally when that is showing a sign of "favoritism", kill innocent women and children and call it all a part of the casualties of war, but a war that was never declared. Yeah, Ron Paul's foreign policy is crazy, yeah, right!

  • Mark - 7 years ago

    Ron Paul won without a doubt! All of the other candidates acted like children while he presented himself as the logical, revolutionary individual that he is!

  • Nicky Nelson - 7 years ago

    Herman Cain is an inexperienced FED Reserve puppet who has no clue about economics or foreign policy - PLEASE FOLKS, HE IS ALSO A BIG LIAR AND HAS BEEN CAUGHT LYING ON SEVERAL OCCASIONS AND DURING THE LAST TWO DEBATES. Do we want another lying Obama? Ron Paul 2012 Bring our troops home, END THE FED, Tell the truth!

  • Brian Jensen - 7 years ago

    So people are on the side of taxation without representation? What is wrong with these people? We already pay a 9 percent sales tax. So we are talking an 18% sales tax! Even if we are talking "apples and oranges," as he puts it, that is every American paying that tax. CA is bankrupt even with that high sales tax. Tax-Tax-Tax, hitler had Allan called the nien nien nien plan. Are we really siding with more of the same business as usual politics!? What the hell America.

  • Mish - 7 years ago


  • MC - 7 years ago

    lolCain www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Ei-l83Fc6s

  • delquattro - 7 years ago

    It's too bad that so many Republicans attending the debate have been duped into supporting foreign aid for Israel. They believe they are supporting biblical Israel, but Israel is run by fake Ashkenazic Jews - Khazarian Zionist warmongers who hate genuine Sephardic Jews. http://www.iamthewitness.com/books/Jack.Bernstein/My.Farewell.to.Israel.htm
    They ignore the fact that we are trillions in debt, and cheer when warmonger stooges like Santorum, and Bachmann promise to borrow more money from China to give to Israel. It is the very definition of insanity.
    Btw, did anyone notice that in the course of 12 hours, Herman Cain, the former Federal Reserve chairman who supported TARP, and opposes auditing the Fed, flip-flopped on negotiating with terrorists?

  • Patrick Henry - 7 years ago

    @Aaron: If you wrote that horrible article, all I can say is that you need to go back to school and learn a little something about formal reason. That tripe is so full of errors in reason... Oh where, oh where to begin... Not even worth my time. Waste of time reading it.

    Buy a clue, please. You need it more direly that you know.

  • Patrick Henry - 7 years ago

    Ron Paul slayed the "competition" with compact, concise, quiet, courteous dignity.

    The people of the USA, viewed in the large as a political organism, have been doing to same old things politically for many decades now. Too many. Bring to mind that definition of "insanity" that says it is a state of doing the same things over and over, expecting different results. Every one of those GOP candidates, save Ron Paul, are the same old thing. If you disbelieve this, then ask yourself what is different about Romney? Cain? Bachmann? Gingrich? Perry? Santorum? The rest? What is fundamentally different in what they profess? They all want to maintain the military industrial complex that is bleeding this nation to death. Ron Paul wants to cut the waste and insanity without compromising the security of the nation.

    How about the economy? Last night when Ron Paul confirmed the federal agencies to which he would wield the ax, did any of you take note of the facial expressions of the other candidates? They were all laughing with something of a sarcastic hint. What does that tell you? It tells me that they are unwilling to make real cuts in government spending. They simply will not do it. How is that different? How is that not a whole steaming pile more of the same of nonsense?

    I believe Ron Paul means what he says and that he will at least give it the good old college try to act on his promises if elected. That is a lot more substance than what I get from the others.

    What do we have to lose by trying someone who is actually different, as opposed to those who do nothing but talk? All else equal, the nation is going to fail. What have we to lose by letting a "loose canon" like Ron Paul have a swag at it? I see us as having nothing more to lose that will not be lost in the coming two to five years if we do not pull our heads from our backsides and get someone into office that is at least not the chattel of interests that do not align with those of the rest of us.

    Ron Paul always comes back to the basics - freedom, opportunity, prosperity, small government, personal accountability, fiscal sanity, and so on. What do the others talk about? Pure nonsense identical in fundamental quality to that of those who have held reins for at least the past 40 years, and more IMO. They say "less spending" and explain it with more spending. Is this not so blatantly apparent to everyone that it makes one's head hurt?

    Come on now. Let us be circumspect for once. Ron Paul is the only candidate that offers us any reasonable hope of not experiencing national economic collapse, and perhaps even worse. With the others this is almost a guaranteed outcome. Think of how fond of eating you and your family and your friends and neighbors are. Do you enjoy the few freedoms "they" have left you in the wake of 9/11 and the war on liberty? Or have you just given up? Perhaps the thought of living off of the nickels of others has become appealing? I suggest everyone take some time to consider what it is you really want and if it is a return to freedom and prosperity, you had best screw up some courage and sense and DECIDE to try something that actually has something better than a snowball's chance in hell of succeeding. Romney, Perry, Cain, etc. are not going to get you there. That much I assure you.

  • sector7 - 7 years ago

    Cain sings "Imagine There's No Pizza", proposes an ADDITIONAL tax, says he's joking about electric fences, says we need to have a better sense of humor, etc.

    Are you hearing what he is really saying?, "Don't take me seriously..."....

    And yet people are so stuupid they are taking him seriously. I worry about the lack of intelligence in our country. It's what will kill us or heal us.

    I say Ron Paul or nothing.

  • Meh - 7 years ago


    I liked Herman's foreign policy: Free one American for all of Guantanamo.

    Oh, wait. He "mis-spoke."

    TOO MUCH MISSPEAKING for my taste.

    Apples and oranges don't negate a NEW NATIONAL SALES TAX.

    Ron Paul 2012

  • Tania Donovan - 7 years ago

    Aaron: I invite you to join me and my husband in Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya or even Mexico to fight someone else's problems while we also provide them with the financial support to become our own enemies. We have both been to two of those countries and I suggest you talk to troops in order to start understanding what is really going on. Or you can vote for Ron Paul 2012.

  • Trish - 7 years ago

    I love Ron Paul - such a gentleman - he doesn't butt in - he doesn't attack - or name call. Ron has more class in the tip of his little pinky than all the other combined. RON PAUL 2012

  • kenny - 7 years ago

    bottom line ,It is a 2 way race now in the gop Ron Paul vs Status Quo biggovgop!!! If the gop does not nominate Ron Paul 2012. The gop will elect obama/bush 2012 status quo!!

  • CaptainJack - 7 years ago

    Ron Paul impressed me the most with solid common sense answers. He won this thing hands down. And what was up with everyone getting a closing statement except Ron Paul? I was interested in his answer. Maybe the charge that the media is snubbing Paul has some credibility.

    I will however give Cain a 10 for the best flip flops of the night. He doesn't come across as honest at all.

    Was Perry intoxicated? Something didn't look right with him.

  • PJ - 7 years ago

    A vote for Herman Cain is like voting for Ben Bernanke. Wake up, people!

    The Fed is one of the main things destroying America. Even Rush Limbaugh said Ron Paul's plan was the one he supported!

    Are you tired of the media choosing your candidate? I know I am. Are you tired of no choice other than attorneys or bankers? Do you want someone paid for by unions, banks or corporate donations, or someone who gets their campaign funds from the general public?

    I choose the good doctor. Go Ron Paul!

  • Jak - 7 years ago

    the tide is turning. i have NEVER once heard so many others on stage say XXX XXXX is right. once an idea's time has come, there is no stopping it! It's something you cant BLACK OUT.

    XXX XXXX 2012

  • PeteW - 7 years ago

    Polls are nice but money pays your campaign bills. How much is Ron Paul generating in donations tonight? TONS!!! How much is Cain generating? Ehhh....not so much.

  • Gary - 7 years ago

    Just donated to the Ron Paul 2012 Black This Out Money Bomb! This is my second donation this month! Mr. Herman Cain's 9-9-9 plan sounds nice and simple but there's another simple side of it you don't see for the future, such as a simple "tax increase" to let's say 10-10-10, than 11-11-11 and more extreme cases 20-20-20...Also as our taxes and Government spending increases the value of our dollar decreases by the Federal Reserve printing more worthless money and Mr. Cain is a former Chairman of the K.C. Federal Reserve Bank. So as a former insider do you think he's going to be open to auditing the Fed or is he gonna do like he has openly said he would do which is absolutely nothing. If you care about America as it was founded then you should support Ron Paul and more like him! If Ron Paul doesn't win than I wish everyone luck when the collapse of this once great nation comes knocking at the door, and while we're in anarchy and absolute chaos all those people who ignored Ron Paul will look back and shake their head at Clinton, Bush, Obama, Herman Cain/Mitt Romney/Rick Perry for selling out to large corporations who lobby their corporate agendas. Another thing the current Government-Corporate "Alliance" should look at is when they finally do collapse the economic system over their greed what would it all be worth if the money just all of a sudden was ZERO and all those people they screwed came knocking at their doors with guns and anger! America better take Mr. Paul serious and quit playing tinkerbell with the current Policies in place!

  • LibertyNeo - 7 years ago

    Ron Paul clearly won that debate, Herman Cain was still squaking 9-9-9 the America taxing to death plan. While Ron Paul proposed real world solutions that would get America back on the road to recovery. All the rest want the job to finish off America for good, based on their brain dead ideas that include more of the same BS that previous empty suits have implemented and have completely failed the American people. Oh and by the way with every other poll showing Ron Paul averaging 70%-90% I don't believe in the legitimacy of this poll at all.

  • kevin - 7 years ago

    I think it's pretty blatant A LOT more people than the media reports are into Dr. Paul's messages of peace and honest economics. He's obviously the only one in the field capable enough of running the Presidency. I don't believe this poll to be an accurate portrayal of the current mood in the lower to mid-upper classes amongst our society. Ron Paul is the comfortable choice here! Good Luck Dr. Paul!

  • Brian McManus - 7 years ago

    This pole doesnt worry me at all. RON PAUL 2012! BLACK THIS OUT.

  • Proof Negative - 7 years ago

    Dr Ron Paul won the debate tonight. 9 9 9 tax plan would increase about 84% of Americans' taxes. Is that how you jump start an economy?

    I want someone that knows financially what the problems are...and has a solution.

    Dr Paul is more trusted to handle this important decision than a Wall Street insider & former Fed chairman.

    Do you REALLY think Cain will AUDIT the Federal Reserve?

    I'd recommend checking out www.freedomizerradio.com for news regarding this throughout the day.

  • Carmen - 7 years ago

    For those CAIN 999 supporters. Here's what a REAL Economics PLAN looks like.

    It's not too late to see the light.


  • Donna - 7 years ago

    Ron Paul is gaining traction in the minds of those who never even heard of the Fed until he brought them into the light.
    Ron Paul is gaining traction in the minds of those that know we cannot afford any more war and foreign aid.
    Ron Paul is gaining traction in the minds of those that understand how unconstitutional the money changers and war mongers are and what a danger they constitute to liberty.
    Ron Paul is gaining traction with those that understand IT IS SPENDING and printing fake money.
    Ron Paul is winning most of the polls, a lot of the straw polls, and he could win the nomination.
    What a wonderful day for America when we get to call him President Paul.
    No more Mr. Bush/Mr. Obama

  • sweetscorpio - 7 years ago

    I'm not sure I believe this poll, but everyone has a chance. If you are so curious why Ron Paul always dominates in these online polls, it is because Ron Paul supporters educate themselves on the issues. Ron Paul is the only one offering solutions to the problem. Find the corruption and eliminate it. Start over. Bring our troops home and have them defend our homeland from our borders. Stop stealing money from our pockets with these illegal tax invasions. Educate our children with the truth and find compassion in ourselves for our own neighbors. Our hard earned money should go first to take care of our families, then to our neighbors. We have no reason to look into the face of poverished families and think it is not some of our fault for allowing our government to get out of hand. Ron Paul is the only one who sees our problems as they really are. Ridiculous. And as his supporters may see him as a genius, look into yourselves. It really doesn't take a genius to solve these problems. Go Dr. Paul. We are here for you.

  • Marie - 7 years ago

    "My friends, you don’t need to do nation building in Israel. We’re already built. You don’t need to export democracy to Israel. We’ve already got it. You don’t need to send American troops to defend Israel. We defend ourselves."

    ~ Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu,
    May 2011 before the U.S. Congress

    Ron Paul 2012

  • Shawn - 7 years ago

    Ron Paul 2012! The only one that participates in honesty and has principled views. It shows how far this country has fallen from its inception with people voting for flip floppers like Herman Cain. Dr. Paul is the Thomas Jefferson of our time sadly most of this current society given the chance would not vote for the founders while in the same breath talking about standing for America. We have lost our souls having officialy sold out! One day people will remember Dr. Paul and say I wish I had listened. Look in the mirror, will that be you?

  • John Brown - 7 years ago

    Aaron, do us patriots a favor and find out where your family immigrated from, than.... GET THE FUCK OUT of our country. Neutrality, Neutrality, Neutrality, only in dire situations do you go to war.

  • Aaron - 7 years ago


  • Aaron - 7 years ago

    Herman Cain won the Debate, he was clear, articulate, and most importantly...RIGHT!

    Ron Paul said some great economic things but lost it when he started talking crazy about Foreign Policy.

  • mike sutter - 7 years ago


  • James - 7 years ago

    Ron Paul won without a doubt, the sad unfortunate part is that they did not let him make an ending for the debate. How sad.

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