Is Chen Xianmei a hero?

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Posted 8 years.


  • MJ - 8 years ago

    She had the courage and compassion to do what nobody else dared to do, and she ends up being ostracized and accused? That makes me so sad and angry... God bless her.

  • jia - 8 years ago

    well, if people thinks she's just did what any "normal" human being people would do, it's sure that those 18 people are not "normal".. or maybe they're NOT even human being.

  • Sunflower_15 - 8 years ago



    you really get into my nerves!!!

  • lovella c. dabi - 8 years ago

    i adore you mrs chen you are 100% sympathy and condolence to the family of yue yue...

  • pinksword - 8 years ago

    shame on those people who did not do anything to save the life of yueyue ALL OF YOU ARE BUNCH OF COWARDS!!! very pathetic people! and yet you have the guts to tell the good samaritan mrs chen xianmei that she just wanted fame and money??? where did you put your brains?did you put it under your foot? yueyue bless your soul baby and rest in peace god is with you.

  • Jon - 8 years ago

    If by any moment of my life I get to help someone like what Chen did and end up famous, please don't call me a hero. She did what was supposed to be done, its the world's moral spectrum has severely declined.

  • gurmit - 8 years ago

    she's a hero alright..

  • JenniferLeigh - 8 years ago

    Were we not ALL watching this video... SEARCHING for a HERO!! I was literally yelling at my computer screen...begging for someone to do something!! Chen is and forever will be my HERO!! When people state that she only did it for fame and fortune?? You've got to be kidding me!! There was a bleeding baby in the street! I guarantee profit did not cross her mind as she desperately tried to help this child. I'm sure she was terrified, but she managed to everything she could to save this child's life.
    From Tennessee, I love you Chen! I love you Wang Yue!!!!

  • KL - 8 years ago

    For those who choose this answer "No, she did what any "normal" human being would do." 41%
    Have you thought of those "NORMAL" people DID NOT DO?? They walked by like that little baby did not even exist. That lady has a BIG HEART and don't blame her for SAVING the little girl's LIFE..

  • Mike - 8 years ago

    At first look she did what anybody should be supposed to do.

    Shocked and moved by the news (papers PLS. remove the video from your websites !!) I read a lot about the chinese health system, f.e. freshly wounded accident victims bleed to death at the hospital entrances as people who helped and brought these to seek medical help did not have enough cash money etc. Is that true ? Well, learning that she definately is a hero.

    If she is now being accused of having done it for fame or money, what a cold-hearted society that is. My prayers go to YueYue.

  • Keona Jones - 8 years ago

    She was DEFINITELY a hero. Almost 20 people walked past that poor little girl, and not ONE helped her. I don't know if it was the chinese morals, or whatever, but who knows where that little girl could be if it wasn't for Chen? God sent that angel to help that little girl. The fact that she didn't care what people thought about her helping the infant is what makes her a hero. She is my hero.

  • Pat - 8 years ago

    The reason she is a hero is because even though the mindset that the Chinese have about not getting involved, she chose to ignore that and help that baby. As it obviously shows, people there don't give a hoot about human life. It wasn't what a normal human being would do there! She deserves every penny that is rewarded to her because she is a great human being amongst an evil non-caring society. For those who are talking about her should be ashamed as their gutless souls wouldn't have stepped in to help that poor child. Chen Xianmei is a classic example of good vs. evil.

  • minnie - 8 years ago

    Obviously she is a hero because no one else did anything to help. To say that she just done what any normal person would have done should be true, however this video shows that she was above the normal.
    To all the critics that are saying she just done it to gain fame, that logically does NOT make any sense. I doubt very seriously she said to herself I will take this bag out and she if there is someone I can help, they will catch it on camera and I will be famous!!!! You are an IDIOT in all languages!!!!
    My prayers go out for this father and mother.

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