What Is Your Political Orientation?


  • Sean Patrick Hazlett - 11 years ago

    I hope so, David.

    Alternatively, one could read it as me being too unfocused (I hope this isn't the case).

    Another explanation could be that more ideological Republicans have the spotlight today, while those who are more pragmatic have far less air time on the national stage.

  • David Macadam - 11 years ago

    Interesting! Split right across the spectrum. You must be getting it right if people who disagree with you still come back to listen to the argument.


  • Richard Briggs - 11 years ago

    On the Pew scale, I test Staunchly Conservative. I am a RHINO, when it comes to actually governing in practice.

  • Ben Abbott - 11 years ago

    Interesting! With 23 votes, it looks like a moderate conservative view is more popular among liberals than conservatives.

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