Should L.K. Advani's anti-corruption yatra go through Karnataka?

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  • Ameen Ahmed - 8 years ago

    Advani is as arrogant today as he was 22 years ago when he traversed from one village to another across the remote corners of this vast nation pitting brother against brother. And all that has changed in these two decades is that those who lustily cheered him then are today steering the power wheels of this great state into the abyss of abrasive castism and corruption, many from the confines of prisons and some outside them. What use being in pubic life for five decades as a beacon of an ideology that at least publicly seeks to undo the damage of nepotism and dynastic politics done to this great nation, when you increasingly are seen as a big part of the same problem.

  • Narendra - 8 years ago

    Look at the results and understand the reader sentiment.
    Remove the unplarliamentary f*** word from your poll and mind.
    The language you use, only shows your character and mind.
    It won't hurt the person about whom you are trying to use that.

    Advani is a stalwart in Indian politics.
    He is one of the very few politicians who can be called "clean" without even opening our eyes.
    Can you show me 10 more politicians who have been in our politics for 5 decades and still clean?

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