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Do you think Anonymous did the right thing by shutting down child porn websites? (Poll Closed)

Total Votes: 2,633

  • I think... - 6 years ago

    I think what they did is both right and wrong. Stopping those websites might be good in a short term, but not in a long term. They are indeed hampering distribution, but they are not actually helping in arresting those pedophiles. Pedophiles (producers and distributors) might just say that Anonymous planted fake proofs and pedophiles (consumers) might just say that they are framed; which would be really hard to argue. I think what they should do is cooperating with law enforcements. They should report their findings and proofs first before doing anything too hasty and jeopardize ongoing investigations. They can shut down those websites then.

    On the other hand, I think law enforcements should work faster and more efficiently. For real. And they should accept vigilantes' help for too-tough and too-annoying cases.

    I think in the end, what's making child porns prosper is because there are demands. Same as drugs, alchohol, and tobacco.

  • Idk - 6 years ago

    The people that voted no anonymous did not do the right thing are probably paedophiles

  • Saïto - 8 years ago

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  • Saïto - 8 years ago

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  • Shimaah - 8 years ago

    nice i want always say yes for hacking

  • jeff - 9 years ago

    my granny mari8ed at 13 god started piriad to hav childrin

  • Anonymous - 11 years ago

    True And as horrible as that sounds,it is true...painfully painfully true...the term "nature is cruel" applies to us as well,,,unless we develop android humans,then dumbasses will be like "save the artificial machine from sex abuse"
    Don't make me laugh,cause it'll happen and ill laugh harder when it does,machines life isn't real,it's not natural,so any and all arguements are invalid...unless you're retarded...then by all means blab away,I'm out,peace

  • No name - 11 years ago

    Yes,tis true...but lolita city is back and running 10x as powerful,do realize that evil people are stronger in numbers...and anon has only caused them to grow in numbers and unite...they should stop now! Because if history has taught us anything is that people will rebel and unite under pressure,anon FUCKED UP! And their "prohibition/attack on lolis" has created a more fouler as destructive Internet...god bless chaos...this is how chaos reigns...and tis fueled by people like anon who interfere...but chaos is beautiful yet in order to restore order...anon should just stop hacking and start reporting in full detail,cut off the head and it'll grow into two,blow up the body and it'll reform stronger too,but leave it alone and it'll run it's course,like a very old song,lost and forgotten...the only way to destroy child for everyone to forget what it is...and then you'll never know what it is so you won't do it,if the whole world teaches the next generation without it,then it will die where it stands,,,but it'll always be here,like water in the sky,it'll rain and dissapear...isn't that so true?

  • ram - 11 years ago

    god bless anon

  • Elin - 12 years ago

    In general what the Anon. hackers do is controversial, but in truth they haven't caused anyone any harm and as they have said its usually just for laughs. Here is a perfect example of how they benefit society by attacking the popular medium used to transport these child pornographic material. It may not eliminate the source, but it does hamper distribution. Besides its like having an extra pair of eyes monitoring illegal activity, it isn't like we're not being monitored now - the intelligence bureaus have simply been less efficient.

  • Reece.s - 12 years ago

    I thout that anonymous was free to speak and by doing that breaking your rule because your not leting then put video and pic on the intent and the intent mint to be free to speak but I do support you with sopa please stop the government with soap take away more free to speak suff on the intent go anonymous for that

  • Anonymous - 13 years ago

    These actions go against anonymous' core ethos. Regardless of the correctness of CP it is not the place of anonymous to REMOVE anonymity. Their actions are pervse and detrimental to the whole of anonymous.


  • Robert - 13 years ago

    God bless you all for doing this! From a father, Thank You!

  • Mark - 13 years ago

    Graham, get a clue-what is more effective: over budgeted, under educated, and impotent government investigations? Or, Anonymous pulling off a job they can do before lunch with one eye open?

    To the knuckleheads who think this is a PR ploy and this is the only "good" thing Anonymous has done-where is your logic when it comes to their previous operations? Were those "bad"?

    Anon-nice shot dropping the userlist out there, we all know how many nitwits use the same credentials all over the place.

    To everyone else-ask yourself why that creepy co-worker isn't in work today (sledgehammering hard drives in his basement) or if he is in, he's really bent out of shape and has to deal with a lot of "network issues" as he moves his pics out of the company machines.

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