Would you keep Derek Jeter?
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  • oldyankee77 - 10 years ago

    Damn, everyone afraid of commenting here? I voted No, for many reasons;
    1. Who is more important to the Yankees? Jeter or A-Rod?
    Answ: A-Rod, when healthy, is still the much better player!
    2. Has anyone ever noticed how many hits go between A-Rod and Jeter? Yet to Jeters Left (his bad side) he is making better plays.
    Answ: Jeter has been moving (more every year) to his left to cover his weakness, leaving a big hole in the Defense.
    3. There is and never has been a Captain Clutch, because of two+ hits in his 17 years history (they were good) he got tagged with the name of being a clutch hitter...look it up!
    Answ: He always has been very over rated (see: 2011 playoffs) as a clutch hitter. This year he was given most of the close calls on balls and strikes.
    None of this is really news to most (hard a-s) fans, it 's just, we don't want it to be true but, sad to say..it is!
    All my opinion and stats.

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