Which vampire is your favorite?


  • DeAnna Barrett - 13 years ago

    Definitely Eric Northman! I like my vampires just a little rougher around the edges than some of the recently popular vampires in fiction. And I'm a sucker for Vikings. YUM, so delicious and it doesn't hurt that in the TV series "True Blood" he's played by a total hottie who makes me swoon like a school girl!

  • vicki jasprizza - 13 years ago

    It has to be Bones, not a hard choice for me, Jean-Claude is a close second with Mircea and not forgetting BDB boys

  • cherry rendel - 13 years ago

    Dimitri from the vampire academy series should be on the list because he has the whole mysterious badass hero thing going on, that is way sexy.

  • Kristine - 13 years ago

    Definitively the BDB boys. they are all so great. Rhage is my personal favorite, he is drop dead rock/movie star perfection and stunning teal eyes that change to white when his inner beast threatens to come out whenever he is strung out. he loves his mate to no ends (like they all do) and will do whatever he has to to make her happy and safe, although he has no filter between his brain and mouth so that he says what ever is on his mind when it is and is blatantly honest its one of his charms, along with that he is charming and sweet and a magnificent lover who pleases his partner first and foremost. he is witty and knows what he wants and goes for it not to mention is great in a fight and if for some reason things dont go right in the fight or if he gets out of control he has that ace in the hole beast of his to come out and save the day !

  • Cynthia Rojas - 13 years ago

    Eric Northman is such an Alpha Vamp! Twilight vamp are cute in a teeny-bopper kind of way, not zexy. Haven't read BDB, they are next on my read list!

  • Heather - 13 years ago

    Wow for me its hard to pick between Bones, Ethan & Eric....I love all three, but my favorite would have to be Ethan Sullivan!!!!!

  • christy - 13 years ago

    The BDB guys have to get this they are the best books to read so vote

  • SacredmOOn - 13 years ago

    Well for me it was a toss up of BDB boys and Eric Northman. Yes I had pick my Viking in the end! This Viking gal is loyal and will stick by him to the end. Though I love all the BDB boys, I absolutely utterly love Rhage and Vishous and Rehvenge . One of the best things I love about JR Ward is she writes characters I love period. She doesn't have one character I can't stand, that is self-loathing and irritating beyond belief. It just makes the reading experience for me so great and enjoyable. That's why I rate her a 5 star Arthur.

  • Charlotte - 13 years ago

    I love Bones, but Jean Claude is my most favorite Vamp!! I also love the Brothers , Eric and Dante!!

  • Savanna - 13 years ago

    Ok, I just want to say that making me choose between these 5 is just cruel! I love every one of them! Although I wish Vlad from The Night Huntress series had been on here. I adore him as well.

  • Tina - 13 years ago

    I have to admit I'm a huge Bones fan but BDB is nek and neck with him. I also love Lara Adrians warriors and Lothaire from Kressley Coles IAD series!

  • Jen L. - 13 years ago

    I have to say you make it hard to choose. I love both Bones and the BDB! However if I have to pick just one from the list it would be the BDB. If you lump them all together they make a big yummy sandwich with awesomesauce on top! I have to say if I have to pick one of them, I have to tell the truth and say I can't. It would be a total toss up between four of them. I am just hooked and can't wait until the next one comes out!

  • kazza garside - 13 years ago

    oh lordy the BDB just rock get them shit kickers out boys and find some lessers to smoke....just love this series

  • Margaret Dollery - 13 years ago

    I LOVE the BDB. I must admit to having a soft spot for Zhadist and V. They are soooo badass but with a painful vulnerability under all that machismo and testosterone. Wrath would be my next favourite. But I also love how J R Ward has let all the guy's stories and characters develop over the series. I love them all and am really looking forward to Tohrment's book.

    Can't say I don't love Eric (visual eye-candy of Alex Skarsgard) too. But don't always like how he is written, in either True Blood or by Charlaine Harris.

    ALWAYS love BDB. What more can I say. LOL

  • Amanda Lenz - 13 years ago

    You forgot the Twilight vamps... :)

  • whitney hollender - 13 years ago

    i love the true blood series i think eric is pretty sweet but i would tottally choose bill compten any day

  • Liz Semkiu - 13 years ago

    The BDB has so many choices, but Wrath is my favorite.

  • Mashell - 13 years ago

    Seriously!!!! Where r all the votes for my BDB Boys? They are hands down the most SEXY, POSESSIVE, ALL CONSUMING, TERRITORIAL,BADASS, SMARTASS,KICKASS, EROTIC Vampires ever!! Come one people, Eric Northman is sexy but the BDB boys are 6 times Eric plus even more with the new recruits and all. J.R. Ward has Beat Out all other vampires for the last century with the BROTHERHOOD, and anyone who either knows them or gets to know them will agree for sure.

  • Kate L. - 13 years ago

    OK!!! Dmitri! (GH), Mencheres (NH) , Eric (SVM), Bones (NH), Julian Luna (Kindred), Mick St. John (ML), Valerius (DH), Mircea (CP), Louis-Cesare (DB), the Wroths (IAD), Eric Sinclair (BT), Argeneaus(!!!), etc...... love them all toooooo!

  • Kate L. - 13 years ago

    Rehvenge is the best ever! Just love the guy!

  • Michelle Tippets - 13 years ago

    Such a difficult choice. I am reading BDB right now so, I am choosing them. Zadist and V have been my favorites so far.

  • Becky - 13 years ago

    The Black Dagger Brotherhood are hands down my favorite vampires! J.R. Ward truly brings her characters to life and tells her stories from multiple points of view, and it truly shows a progression in plot from chapter to chapter and also from book to book. What's also interesting is that she doesn't do a completely happily ever after. Ward shows the complication in relationships, the highs and lows, even after the character's main book is over. It's a great series, one you can just read over and over.

  • Tricia Smith - 13 years ago

    It was very hard to vote for just one option. In the end, I decided on the BDB guys. Zsadist is my favorite Brother.

  • Barbara A. - 13 years ago

    I love Bones, all the BDB specially Vishous and Rehvenge and I also love Ethan Sullivan and Eric Northman and from these ones I choose Bones for everything you know.
    But I sure miss (a lot and I can't believe they aren't in this list): Bill Compton (SVM), Dmitri (Guild Hunter), Stefan (Mercy Thompson), Mencheres (Night Huntress), Spade (NH), Vlad (NH).

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