Who is involved with Lisa Irwin going missing

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  • Sujay - 9 years ago

    The Disappearance is bizarre. A Girl, so young, cant even walk found missing from her own residence at Night. But more bizarre is Mother who was at home did not hear even a single sound of some one breaking into her house that night ??
    This drives us to one conclusion for sure, the mother is alcoholic / addict and was in very deep sleep when some stranger broke into their house.
    If she was not drunk as she said earlier but just sleeping then she is a very ignorant and irresponsible parent. She did not see her baby after 6.40 pm. What mother don't check upon her own baby before sleeping. Anyways, one thing is clear that she knows what happened to her baby. But lets move forwards from that.
    Now, Lets come on to the motive. Why anyone will go into their house and steal a baby?? Either that person was thinking of demanding a ransom or he/she was a Paedophile. But if we see minutely then one can make out that the parents are hiding a big fact. Either they are properly involved in the case or at least they know.
    If anyone could tell me more real facts and findings about the case then it will be more helpful in making a proper theory.

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