Is it a problem for a show to shift from one target market to cater to another.

  • Absolutely! It's obnoxious! If the 2nd market is liking the show, it's because you were already making it for the 1st. Don't change it!
    28 votes

  • Well, it's weird, but nothing world shattering. Might be a little adjustment, but I can adapt.
    5 votes

  • It depends on how much of a shift.
    17 votes

  • Naw, is alright dude! Their show, they can do what they want. If I like the show for the style/characters/writing/whatevers then I'll keep watching, if I don't like, I'll watch something else.
    7 votes

  • Hmm... dunno
    3 votes

  • Other
    1 vote

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