Would you keep Alex Rodriguez?

  • oldyankee77 - 10 years ago

    I agree Dan, if your hand, hip and knee are hurting, there is no foundation for hitting. As it is he was much better on defense then I thought he would be. Even the commentators (they don't like the Yankees much) made comments on how well he was working at 3rd.
    As a hitter he was ok with avg (so, so) but injuries took his power away, made his hands and bat TOO slow for the fast one.

  • Dan Aronoff - 10 years ago

    I think that we should still keep A-Rod despite his poor performance this season. This is the one vote which is the most split so I feel it's my turn to comment: A-Rod has always been one of the best players in the MLB and I would assert that his injuries resulted in his decreased stats this years. A healthy A-Rod is an asset that the Yankees can not afford to lose.

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