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Sterling & Waldman---

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  • Robert M - 10 years ago

    They are the absolute worst. I live in Kansas City and am forced to listen online to these two idiots. I can't believe we have these two in covering the best baseball team ever. It seams like with all the money, time and thought spent on this team we could and should have the best broadcasters as well. Fire these two and find someone, anyone else please.

  • Yank Fan - 10 years ago

    I absolutely enjoy listening to that radio station. I hate to miss out on the games.

  • John M - 11 years ago

    I'm absolutely blown away that more than 50% of people surveyed here either love or are ambivalent towards Sterling/Waldman. Completely baffled. SteveB, you're spot on. I read another article about Sterling in the Times recently and discovered there are a few people that revere this guy. I was floored.

    But my standards may be high. I became a Yankee fan in 1980 when I was seven years old. Many nights - many school nights - for the first half of the decade were spent listening to Rizzuto, Bill White and Frank Messer. These guys are definitely the gold standard of baseball broadcasting.

    There's no doubt in my mind that there are and have been many other great baseball broadcasters... guys like Bob Murphy across the river comes to mind first. I thought the Kaat/Singleton combo was pure perfection. Vin Scully is obviously a legend, and I feel fortunate to have had exposure to him through the national game of the week broadcasts on NBC in the 80s.

    So I may be biased about Rizzuto, White and Messer. I feel it's possible every kid falls in love with their own hometown broadcaster, regardless of how talented or flawed they are. As a kid, I thought of White and Messer as uncles and Rizzuto as a grandfather. To me, they represented everything I wanted to be when I got older... classy, dignified, knowledgeable, likeable... they were perfect representatives of the Yankees, providing a calm above the storm created by an undignified Steinbrenner. There was a tangible connection to the history of the franchise through Rizzuto, while White and Messer provided real credibility from a broadcasting perspective.

    The Yankees have done many things to break my heart over the years. I can't say I'm as much a fan today as I was that day in 1996 when I ran through the streets with my friends celebrating the first World Series victory in my life as a fan, as if WWII had just ended. Maybe it's just part of growing up... don't get me wrong, I still bleed pinstripes... but I can't help but feel that being force fed this horrific broadcast tandem night in and night out is part of my growing distance. I've gone long stretches of time in recent years without cable television and I've often decided that I'd rather not listen to a game at all than endure the torture that is Sterling's bellowing ego and Waldman's gasping for air.

    I also know from experience that Sterling is terribly inaccurate on most of his calls. It's quite remarkable. I recommend trying it... listen to them while watching the TV broadcast. For all her flaws as a broadcaster (eg a harsh grating voice), I feel for Waldman... what a frustrating position to be in... to have your dream job, only to be constantly undermined by the guy sitting next to you. It's embarassing, and she has no escape.

    One day in September I believe, Cano made a baserunning blunder. No doubt it was a terrible play on his part. But these buffoons bashed him over and over and over again, for innnings and innings... it completely took away from all the other nuances of the game. They behaved as if Cano had cost them the pennant. Even if that were the case, that's not a broadcaster's role... leave that nonsense to the guys at the bar. If I wanted to listen to that level of criticism, I would be at the bar. Thank goodness they fought back to win. But even in victory, Sterling had to point out that the baserunning mistake was forgiven only because of the W.

    I just wish someone would call these two to task like that.

    There is plenty of broadcast talent out there, and it is just amazing to me that these two are sitting in what should be a coveted seat. I miss the good old days, which weren't all that long ago.

  • James N - 11 years ago

    I've never had a problem with this combination. In fact, I think they are fantastic. They are far more entertaining than most of the other radio broadcasters that I listen too with MLB.TV. Sterling is very funny, and I never think that his humor is "forced". He is still spontaneous, and I believe he is on the same level as Rizzuto and Allen. He really stands out from everyone else. Inaccurate? I think not! Baseball is not an accurate game to begin with. Anything can happen and they can be wrong. Deal with it.

  • ryan mcgowan - 11 years ago

    they call a great game ! whats this clown talking about.donkey!

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