Do you agree homeopaths should be allowed to practice modern medicine also?


  • Dr.A.Shanthakumar - 11 years ago

    Homeopathy is neither alternative medicine nor a different system of medicine it is advancement of medicine. It is the highest degree of of development in the art of treatment in the history of is a development parallel to the development of humanity .It is the modern art of treatment should have been accepted ins teated of the orthodox art of treatment. It should have been absorbed in to the mainstream of medicine and enriched further with the development of humanity. Whereas it has not been done. for that there is reason behind it. It is the social structure which we live today which is based on profit motivated. Homeopathy challenges the profit motivated production.

  • Dr S.K.Vashisht - 11 years ago

    Homoeopathy is moderns system of Medicine , it was discovered by Dr Hahnemann a Allopath , How's that we call allopathy --modern system???

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