Would you try the Brazilian Blowout?

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  • Cricket - 12 years ago

    I encourage my sisters, do not use the Brazilian blowout or the keratin treatment on your african hair, it's harsh, permanent and damaging and the only way to rid it of your hair is to cut it out gradually as your hair grows out. It's a long process. Its beautiful the first month or so, but the more you continue to flat iron, it begins to break because of the excessive heat application to keep it shiny, airy and flowing. The ends began to snap up the hair shaft first and then the edges do the same. We sisters love straight edges and nape areas so of course we concentrate on that area the most and we end up with damaged edges. Think twice before you try. Get accurate information before you try it on your beautiful tresses. Watch some else's hair in person (a daring sister of course) over time before you make that move.
    Just trying to keep it real!

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