What issues are holding you back?
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  • Darlene - 9 years ago

    hmm. lets see.. we have a lot of youths on the streets due to one.. broken home.. two.. education which comes from poverty.. we have a lot of single mothers out here raising kids by them selves.. they cant stay home and mind them or else they would starve so she would have to go to work. there are times when she cant send them to school probably because they had a project or something that need handed in and the child couldn't come up with his/her items need for that so she had to stayed at home. being home now u know how idle kids are.. and that's how they get caught up in the level off things going on in the streets esp.. the boys. because they would hang out and the dirty drug dealers use them to drop of n pick up drugs, guns, etc.. and the poor child don't know any better.. he finds this amusing.. and start to like this because he would get a $2 or $5, he buys food and has snack money to spend.. so lets say the next day he is send to school.. do u think he goes or goes to hang on the streets to make a next $5??? so this is where poverty and education comes in..you know this is what have been going for like forever and everyone wants to get to the bottom of the problem bt i wonder do they know where to start from... working with youths isn't just about getting them into sports and positive activity, its about getting involve in their day to day life in a whole.. getting to know their story inside out.. and the way to start this is getting into schools and starting a program whereby they have a safety net.. a dependency.. teachers know who are the less fortunate kids.. so u start from there... bt i do think its a positive thing to do.. going to schools and just talking to them that's not a way of getting involve they need to know that there is an other alternative other than goin to the streets..

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