What is your opinion regarding scope of specialization in homeopathy?


  • Dr Sunil Naik - 9 years ago

    Sir, you have asked for specialization in homeopathy subject wise then it is practically not useful but need is there for academic purpose, but on the other side we need specialization in treating acute diseases, Chronic Diseases, Pseudochronic Diseases, Mental Diseases and one sided Diseases, also super specialization in treating epidemics and iatrogenic disorders.

  • Chandran Nambiar - 11 years ago

    In your opinion, what would be the positive changes specialization bring to homeopathic practice? How an 'organon specialist' will be different from a 'materia medica specialist' in actual PRACTICE?

    If a mother and child come with some gynec problems and pediatric problems respectively to the clinic of a homeopath, and the homeopath happens to be a 'pediatric specialist', should he or would he refer the mother to a 'homeopathic gynecologist'?

    If a patient comes with some 'mental problems' and 'skin problems' to the clinic of a homeopath who happens to be a 'homeopathic dermatologist", what will he do? Will he prescribe for 'skin problems' only, and refer the patient to a 'homeopathic psychiatrist' for getting treated for the 'mental problems'?

    I feel specialization may produce subject-expert academicians and teachers, but it will produce very bad practitioners lacking the holistic approach of homeopathy, and trying to cure 'diseases' instead of 'patients'.

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