What do you think the U.S. should do to get Iran to shut down its nuclear program?

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Posted 8 years.


  • Kyle - 8 years ago

    There is no reasoning with militant fundamentalists. And i can tell you that we could negotiate and deal with the people of Iran. But not the theocratic totalitarian government that is Iran. A joint U.S-Israeli strike against their nuclear facilities followed up by aiding pro-democratic opposition inside the country. And i might even go as far to say we should take out their air force as well, to quell any chance of a counter attack on Israel or any U.S. interests in the region. Seeing Iraq as a example of how costly regime change is. A boots on ground invasion would be out of the question. But if the Iranian people are willing to join the Arab Awakening. And if so I believe these steps would help them in achieving a free democratic Iran. The Iranian protests of 2009 were brutally put down. I say we show the Iranian people we are there for them now.

  • amir - 8 years ago

    Accept a nuclear Iran. it is best for everyone. It save USA from itself. It is the best for peace

  • Alex - 8 years ago

    perhaps the better solution is to 1) recognize their right to have peacefull nuclear facilities to generate power 2) communicate with them; try to find a proper answer for your concerns in negotiations, communication and cooperation instead of sanctions or isolation. If the Western countires communicate with Iranian, remove the international sanction and let multinational corporations set up business in Iran, then the cost of derogation (infrigment)of public international law provisions will increas for Iranians.
    In any case, the objective of these two appraoches are the same i.e they will increase the economic cost of pursuing military nuclear program. but one in a win -win context the other in lose-lose.
    As far as I am concern, Iranian does not want anything except equall treatment. I think the best solution for Iran case contain a serious negotiation backed with actual measures to prove to the Iranian that Western powers are willing to enhance the advantages of cooperation. The result would be what both parties desire. US get the guarantee from Iran, and Iran get access to global commercial and financial market

  • james davidson - 8 years ago

    The question isn't worth asking because military action will not be taken and sanctions have little to no effect. It will remain the status quo

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