How do you cook a turkey?


  • Vic Boylhart - 12 years ago

    Christopher Columbus did not set out to prove the world was round, it was already a commonly accepted fact. He did set out to find a quicker route to the West Indies. Just saying; now about that bird - which way does a bird fly - breast up or breast down? It can go either way. BTW, my wife and I have tasted Claudia's turkey cooked upside down - very tasty and juicy; and it still looked pretty!

  • marshall - 12 years ago

    I always like the Breast up.. The conventional man loves a well rounded tan!!!

  • Donna - 12 years ago

    you know I meant all those bags of lucious meat will be thrown in the freezer 'till ready to be used .. hahahah - okay ... Happpppy Turkey Day.

  • Donna Welch - 12 years ago

    ...and then you see ... I changed all that, too ... in the name of making the most out of a bird, I haul out the electric knife and carve before I cook - yeah. I cut off wings, legs, thighs, and back and throw in a large bag for soup, tacos, casseroles, stew, etc. For one pot of soup, I'll use one wing, leg & thigh and boil with one chicken ... mmm superb broth can never be better ----the whole back of the turkey and one chicken is used for more soup, and the 3rd pot, of course, the same as the 1st. This creates 4 seperate meals. when baking the breast I found the skin can be lifted and rub the meat with varying herbs and butter---poke the breast with fork tines to accept the herb mixture...up for awhile, then down. Makes great gravy .. and what were your thoughts on gravy, Claudia?

    If it isn't a holiday, and I find a good sale, I also carve the breast meat into steaks before the bird is cooked...freeze seperately then throw in one large bag and I can take out as many at one time as I desire. I love turkey and being frugal. I just bought a 20# bird for $11.00, and this will make approx. 35, or more, servings of various types of scrumptious food. ...for $11.00. Yeah, more Columbus thinking from a writer. Aren't we writer's great, Claudia?

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