Ubuntu 11.10: Which Desktop Environment are you using? (Poll Closed)

  • Unity
    7,479 votes

  • GNOME Shell
    4,543 votes

  • XFCE
    1,212 votes

  • KDE
    1,107 votes

  • LXDE
    431 votes

  • Pantheon
    264 votes

  • GNOME 3 (Fallback)
    952 votes


Poll posted 8 years ago.

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  • dld - 8 years ago

    Include Linux Mint; then I can vote.

  • Glen - 8 years ago

    Poll this!
    Around 10,000 comments so far. That's your result!

  • duncan - 8 years ago

    Of course this poll is unfair. A simple poll of this kind cannot be anything else. It can't ask more informative questions, such as

    1. Gnome-Shell is listed separately from Gnome-Fallback, but Unity 2D and 3D are lumped together, how many are actually using Unity 3D?

    2. Are people using Unity 2D or Gnome-Fallback as a positive choice or because their choice has been denied them by buggy drivers?

    3. Are the people using Gnome-Shell using the crappy version they get by installing the gnome-shell package from Ubuntu, or are have they installed a proper version from the ppas?

    4. What about the large category of - "None - left Ubuntu in order to avoid Unity."

    5. Are people using Unity simply because that is what they are given and would be just as happy with something else?

    What this poll can and does show is that, despite Canonical's attempts to trash Gnome 3 and force Unity down everyone's throats, a very large percentage of people have decided to put in the extra work in order to choose something different.

    For Unity to be judged a success, it should be reaching the same figures that Gnome did when it was the default install, generally between 70-80%. Clearly, it is not.

  • Blaine - 8 years ago

    I use the wonderfully spartan LXDE. People say XFCE is light but it doesn't come close to LXDE.

  • 3baid - 8 years ago

    I just use the default DE assuming that the distro maintainers have already tested and demonstrated that their recommended choice is far more intuitive and effective for their users.

  • Jon Reeve - 8 years ago

    I second Awesome WM. It is as its name implies. It may not be a desktop environment per se, but how about a poll entry for "custom/other desktop environment"?

  • Robert Adonias - 8 years ago

    Voted for Unity (my choice in all of the presented) but I also use a clean install of Openbox to work and started using Enlightenment... I think this poll is unfair... but at least Unity is winning (for my pleasure and haters disgust...) Go Unity!

  • No_Asylum - 8 years ago

    Openbox may not be a DE, Per-se, but it CAN be run as a standalone environment, and thus should have been included. As should Enlightenment.

  • Bruno Medeiros - 8 years ago

    Well, i'm using Gnome Shell as my main environment, from the first time i've seen it i just fell in-love with it!

  • Galen - 8 years ago

    Since the question specified desktop I answered that question with XFCE, but both my net-books are running Gnome Shell.

  • Aryan - 8 years ago

    As soon as gnome 2.x was not continued as the default kernel, I experimented with gnome 3 fallback but didn't see any point in keeping Ubuntu as my default system, mainly because the usability just went down the pan with Unity and Gnome.
    XFCE gets my vote as the best desktop environment manager on Ubuntu and I hope they keep up the good work.

    For one month I have been learning the dark art of Debian (and loving it!).
    For intermediate users I heavily endorse the switch over to the Universal Operating System ;)

  • Patrick - 8 years ago

    I have an old work HP that came with vista I run unity 2d as the 3d doesn't run very well. But I enjoy it's full screen focus.

  • Gunther - 8 years ago

    I switched to KDE for 11.10 because of the suckness that is Unity. Cant believe it scored so low though! Even behind xfce!

  • Malven - 8 years ago

    This polling system is totally blemished and not fair at all.
    Where is MGSE? where is MATE?
    Without these two, this whole thing is pointless & complete time-waste.

  • Nicolas - 8 years ago

    I use awesome wm alone ! But I installed gnome-shell first.

  • Sam - 8 years ago

    "Where is Openbox?"
    Openbox is not a DE. LXDE though uses openbox wm.

  • B - 8 years ago

    On my laptop, using unity and learning xmonad. On my home server/music studio computer I'm using xfce.

  • Mark - 8 years ago

    Where is Openbox?

  • Tobias Mann - 8 years ago

    This poll is flawed. I use multiple desktop environments in Ubuntu on different computers. While allowing multiple votes would scew the results there needs to be a better way of making this more accurate.


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