Did Manny Pacquiao deserve to win against Juan Manuel Marquez?


  • mark - 11 years ago

    manny deserve to win because he is fighting moving forward and making fight, marquez was just waiting, waiting for manny to just be countered punch, marquez was a cowards that time they fought, because cowards means moving backward, and especially that he is a challenger, he must be the one who will be the aggressive fighter, not the one who will wait for the fight to start, he should also knock manny down, it was so very clear that manny won the fight, because he is the champion, he is the fighter, he deserves it really..what can you say if marquez won the fight? they are just so overambitious ..

  • rene trinidad - 11 years ago

    he didn't do anything to win the fight, he just counter, no way he is going win the fight.

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