For Zutter Bind It All Users: Is it easy to use?

  • Missy - 11 years ago

    Arin---I have a Bind It All. It's easy to learn and easy to use. However, now that they've got the cinch out---if I had it to do all over again, I'd probably get the cinch. I may even pick one up if I can find a good coupon for Black Friday. The Cinch has round holes, which I like. And, it looks as if most of the stores are carrying more Cinch products and fewer Bind It All products, so you can find more options for the bindings for the cinch. Hope this little tid bit helps......I think they run somewhat close to the same price.......

  • sonia terech - 11 years ago

    I own the bind it all & like using it but actually prefer something like the Cinch. It seems a lot easier to use resulting in quicker output of creations. Often times with the bind it all I have to take out the booklet because I won't recall the spacing for the slots correctly.

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