Should wait staffers automatically serve water to diners?


  • jmoore - 11 years ago

    Some restaurants use huge glasses, which does waste water. I imagine its a labor-saving device, but there's something off-putting about a huge vessel that never empties. (Waiters don't have to contiually fill glasses either....esp. when it's obvious a customer is about to leave.)

  • Mich - 11 years ago

    When I go to a restaurant, I have been giving specific instruction to the wait staff to not bring me a glass water for several reasons.

    1. I prefer not to drink tap water but also don't want to waste the water and the glass (incl. man power, cleaning, washing, chemicals and etc)

    2. I also skip bottle water because it is not environmentally friendly

    3. Sometimes, in Chinese restaurants, the wait staff would change plates for customers. I also declined such service to prevent waste of cleaning agent and opportunity of cross comtimination or taking in more residue from cleaning chemicals

    This is not to be paranoid but to be a little bit consioius on saving energy and to reduce personal carbon foot print.

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