On a scale of 1 (unlikely) to 10 (definitely) how likely are you to recommend this website to a colleague or friend in the library and information profession?

  • www.youtube.com - 6 years ago

    Jika Anda keinginan untuk untuk mendapatkan
    banyak dari ini tulisan maka Anda harus menerapkan seperti
    metode ke won Anda situs web.

  • Anne-Maree - 11 years ago

    I certainly appreciate having these articles brought to my attention, and have passed some on as appropriate. I find it compliments other sites such as Stephen Abram's Stephen's Lighthouse and the Proverbial Lone Wolf Librarian, but I like the way the focus is entirely library related. As others have expressed, I do hope you can keep this up Sally. It is invaluable as a way to keep in touch with what's happening elsewhere in Library Land.

  • Margaret - 11 years ago

    Your daily postings make it so much easier to keep up with the Revalidation Journal, especially knowing which BOK the article relates to! Great way to keep up to date with interesting and fun activities in libraries everywhere. Thank you.

  • Jan Holmquist - 11 years ago

    I recommend it all the time. I think it is useful also for people not living in NZ. The world focus is great but it is also a way for us to learn what happens in NZ.

  • Robin - 11 years ago

    Hi Sally, definitely would recommend, thanks for the effort and I hope you keep it up!

  • Wifilibrarian - 11 years ago

    Poll was easy to answer as I have recommended it to others. I especially like when one of my tweets makes the daily news! Feels like I've made a contribution to the discourse. Do keep it going if you can, well worth it from this readers' perspective.

  • Lynne - 11 years ago

    I enjoy this quick way of keeping up to date I read what I want and often pass it on to my boss or colleagues Keep up the good work

  • Lynette - 11 years ago

    I think you site is great Sally, and I really like and appreciate the way you link the articles to the BOKs. Well done :)

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