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Do you think companies should block access to websites containing offensive content (eg porn, hate sites, etc)? (Poll Closed)


  • Nuheymong Solomon - 9 years ago

    Change the system;restrict free a/c opening...most importantly check age of the user.

  • asd - 12 years ago

    fbuser2: dont let kids join fb community if u know what dangers it haves

  • Fbuser2 - 12 years ago

    They block certain websites at school.
    They can very easily block out the nasty pictures people have been Posting on facebook. It's a family website, not a porn site, animal abuse site, celebrities dirty sex tape site, or a website to be posting pictures of dead aborted children or children who are all bruised up just because they're against child abuse and abortion. No one wants to see it, & if they did they could just go to google to look it up there and view those types of images. Have some respect for other people and not just think about yourself.

  • Ant - 12 years ago


    "why block, just dont visit if you dont want to see this content, blocking is against libery >"

    I assume that was Liberty?
    And no it is not - Companies do not even have to provide you with an internet connection so they are well within their right to filter the content they want workers to access when they do provide them with the internet.

  • Ross Smith - 12 years ago

    In Australia, Employers have a duty of care for their employees and must keep a safe environment which includes matter that may be seen as sexual harrassment or otherwise offensive.

  • Anon - 12 years ago

    There should be no censorship on the internet

  • Sirius - 12 years ago

    why block, just dont visit if you dont want to see this content, blocking is against libery >

  • AnAngelDisgraced - 12 years ago

    Sites that are specifically xxx rated yes, sites that are 99.9% of the time safe, no

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