Green Man or not Green Man?


  • VJane - 10 years ago

    "greenman" in my book, can cover a lot....most anything boarding on the Pagan.

  • Steven Jenner - 11 years ago

    He is disgorging what looks like water in waves. If they are vines, there are no leaves attached

  • Sedayne - 11 years ago

    I'd say this is a classic Romanesque disgorger in the tradition of Garway (as featured in Phil Rickman's novel The Fabric of Sin), Bridge Sollars (which disgorges serpents), Leominster & (of course) Kilpeck. Thing is this stuff dates from the 12th century, whereas the term 'Green Man' in relation to such carvings is a mythconception dating to the 1930s. Lose the name; lose the prejudices; lose the 'Green' associations... and besides, he is disgorging foliage!

  • gringetoad - 11 years ago

    Now then , this is not a greenman , more a merman or a masculine ondine.....

  • jeff - 11 years ago

    I agree. Looks more aquatic than wooded.

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